12 tools to create a collaborative calendar online

With a shared agenda, you have a calendar that helps you plan and prioritize everything essential to your business. Here are 12 tools to discover without delay.


If you are having difficulty planning your team’s work, Teambook is the solution that will make your work easier. It is an ERP tool that combines a system of tags and filters, allowing you to allocate the best consultants with the skills required to carry out a project. In case your planning undergoes any change, Teambook allows bulk update of your allowances. In addition to managing operational planning, this tool gives you the possibility of capacity planning in the medium term.

Teambook also allows tracking of time spent on projects. The result, time can not be lost. Besides, you can easily track your performance via analysis tools. The solution integrates communication functions and can be easily integrated with most of your usual tools. Thus, your customers and team always stay well informed. Do you move around a lot? You can sync your schedule with your favorite calendar! This way, you can always refer back to it even when you are traveling.

Atolia shared agenda

With Atolia, you’ll have less trouble keeping track of your activities. In business, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with tasks. To avoid this problem, Atolia has several quick and easy-to-use tools. You will be more productive thanks to the interactive agenda system that provides you with a daily, weekly or monthly summary of all your accomplishments.

Atolia allows you to chat with your collaborators anywhere, anytime. It also has a built-in video conferencing option that saves you from unnecessary travel. You can also rely on the platform to share your documents and manage every task properly. The smart filter system alerts you to everything that needs urgent treatment.


google calendar

It is the reference in terms of online calendar. Google Calendar has all the features needed for activity planning. Easy to install, it can adapt to various digital media such as smartphones, tablets, connected watches, etc. The main advantage is that it is free and available to anyone with a Google account.

No more invading your desk to remind you of your appointments or small notes. Google Calendar has a reminder feature that will keep you updated with every new event. It can adapt your work schedule to the time zone of your employees abroad. Very practical, you can also receive a summary of your tasks at the beginning of each day.

Microsoft Outlook calendar

Microsoft Outlook is known for being a professional email service that you can customize to your liking. It can be accessed on all peripherals, such as tablets or computers, and is very easy to handle. The online calendar option makes it an indispensable tool in running a business.

It allows you to securely organize your data. It saves all your contacts and can take care of calling them if you need to join them for a meeting. It saves you from wasting time and makes sure to optimize your tasks, by offering an intuitive app that you can control by voice.

Coorganiz a common agenda

Coorgoaniz is an online calendar that fulfills all criteria of a practical digital tool. It will help you to save everything more easily. Your schedule will be created and adjusted according to your needs on the platform. He can access all of your contacts, once authorized. It will take care of sending invitations or appointment reminders to all the people involved.

Coorganiz has an intuitive calendar that eases your mental load and can connect to your employees, partners or service providers of all kinds (remote assistance, childcare, school support, etc.) that will be of great help to you in your professional and personal life.

Shared doodle diary

If you no longer know how to manage your busy days, Doodle is a proven digital solution for business leaders and individuals. It accompanies you on your tasks and allows you not to forget anything: birthday, appointment, meeting or important event.

It is very easy to customize, you can adapt the platform according to your needs. It is the perfect tool for organizing your meetings and more easily determining the availability of your employees. This way you avoid absences and delays. When you select a meeting date, Doodle takes care of the rest: from sending invitations to regularly reminding you of the event.

Acollab Share Agenda

If you are not familiar with collaborative planning, aculab It is a platform that will allow you to get started more easily. Online calendar features allow you to share your days with your employees, so they can rate your availability. This system facilitates communication with your team and avoids unnecessary discussions.

You can manage the confidentiality of your calendar according to the limits you want (eg: by project, team, department, etc.) For people who travel regularly, they can even take advantage of the mobile app benefits. He will be able to access the messaging system, dashboard, forum and all functions of Acollab.

Timify shared calendar

For your business on a human level, you’ll appreciate Timify’s online agenda. You can install it on your computer, smartphone or tablet. If you are running a gym, beauty or beauty salon, you can let your clients access the appointment platform and schedule a time that suits them themselves.

You will be notified directly every time you make an appointment. To ensure customer access, an automatic reminder is sent through the platform 24 or 48 hours in advance, depending on the parameter you have chosen. If you manage several projects at the same time, this is the perfect solution, thanks to its ability to manage several areas of activity on a single account.


Smartagenda is a smart calendar that includes all the useful options of a powerful digital platform. It allows you to manage all your appointments online, reducing the risk of forgetting whether it is for you or your clients. It consists of an intuitive calendar and an online appointment function.

It is the ideal tool for companies that provide services by appointment. You will be able to manage your slots more easily and receive all your clients on time. For tours, details of the nature of the request (urgent or not), the time and their addresses will be automatically analyzed by the platform, in order to create a suitable route.

Wimi shared the agenda

Time management is the foundation of good organization. To help you optimize your time, Wimi Team offers an online planning functionality that allows you to stay up to date on the progress of your activities. A real asset in project management, it helps you, guides you, and reminds you regularly of every task to be done.

If you’re also on Outlook, you can sync your calendar with the Wimi Team calendar. To organize meetings, it is possible to survey participants with a few clicks on their availability. When you select the date, the platform takes care of the rest. You can invite internal or external collaborators to the company, depending on your needs.

Shared multi-planning agenda

To make it easier to read your agenda online, you can count on the multi layout. The presentation of the platform is one of the most readable and functional in the digital market. You can customize it as you like to meet your business process. You will be notified of any changes.

The multi layout can store your contacts and, if you wish, entrust your customer relationship to it. With easy CRM decoding, you will be able to evaluate your business productivity. Training and customer support can be provided to help you deal with it.

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