15 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for SEO

SEO may sound simple in theory, but it’s another story entirely when it comes to practice. Not only do you need to keep up with the latest best practices, but you also need to analyze the data, review potential target keywords, and ensure that the websites you’re running are properly optimized.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there to help you do this job easily and efficiently. Here are 15 of the top Google Chrome extensions for SEO professionals.

Uplix Audit SEO Tools” is a Chrome extension developed by applix, a Parisian search engine optimization agency whose mission is to improve the visibility of its clients on search engines. This extension aims to simplify and improve your SEO analysis tasks by grouping the most useful tools in one place. It is aimed at SEO consultants, digital marketing professionals and anyone who wants to make it easier to monitor the performance of their website, and better develop SEO recommendations.

The main features of the plugin include a drop-down menu that provides access to a variety of SEO tools:

Uplix extension features

Simply click on the extension icon in the toolbar to open the menu and select the desired tool. The extension then opens a new tab in the browser with the corresponding website, allowing seamless navigation between the different tools. By using this extension, the users get a lot of benefits. They have quick access to essential data related to SEO,

The extension also makes it easy to analyze and review web pages, identifying technical errors, broken links, duplicate content issues, and more. In addition, it offers enhanced keyword research features and allows continuous monitoring of SEO performance.


Mozbar is a Chrome extension that gives you instant access to various SEO information. And this is while you are browsing the website freely. This access is also possible on your preferred search engine results page (SERP).

Mozbar gives you free functionality for basic functionality. You also have a 30-day free trial and then a $99 monthly plan. When you choose the premium mode, you can still access more features including:

  • Keyword analysis and its difficulties
  • On-page optimization and more complex SERP metrics.

With Mozbar, when you visit a page, you have the ability to identify, locate, and underline the links on that page. You can also easily view tags, http status, and meta description. It gives you access to spam score, domain authority, or even page authority.

SEO Search Simulator by NightWatch

Serious SEO can help you attract targeted visitors from all over the world to your website. But the amount of traffic you receive ultimately depends on how your site ranks in different geographic locations.

Previously, Google allowed you to switch domains to search for your keyword in different countries, that is no longer the case today. Fortunately, Nightwatch’s free SEO Search Simulator plugin lets you do just that.

Whether you are doing SEO for your own site or for a client, you can use this extension to track your website’s position on search engine results pages in different countries. The extension simulates search engine queries from the site of your choice.

Minion SEO

SEO Minion is a must-have tool if you’re doing data-intensive SEO tasks. This extension allows you to perform on-page analysis, display (highlight) all links on a specific page, find broken links, preview SERP and check the validity of hreflang tags. Plus, it’s free!

This tool is ideal for online marketers who only need to check data occasionally, and for SEOs who are working on a tight budget.

The SEO Minion feature is now only available to Keywords Everywhere Silver or higher plan customers.


A similar site is the perfect extension to get an overview of the traffic of visited sites. It can be really useful in the context of modular marketing, network prospecting sites, or other campaigns.

It allows you to consult areas of interest for free, as well as the geographical origin of visitors and the main sources of traffic. However, this extension tends to overestimate the sites real traffic.

Extended SEO suggestion

Ubersuggest is a tool that allows you to find the right keywords for your web content. It will also allow you to improve the position of your site or even your blog on search engines.

You will not find a better way to increase your website traffic. It also offers several search languages. This makes it accessible to a large number of users. It is complete, free, easy to use, and has a comfortable and polished interface.

As a multitasking tool, Ubersuggest allows you to:

  • easy keyword analysis;
  • suggest keyword ideas;
  • To monitor the competition skillfully.


SEOquake is a bit like an all-in-one toolkit for SEO audits. Whatever your experience as an SEO professional, you shouldn’t do without this extension. Very easy to use, it gives you essential data to improve your SEO. SEOquake is useful on a technical level, creating content and improving site authority.

With SEOquake, you have the right to:

  • Accurate comparison of URLs and internal and external links
  • Keyword density and authority of domains and pages
  • Compatibility assessment with mobile phones
  • Close examination of almost all SEO parameters (Google index, Alexa rank, etc…).

This extension is well maintained, and can be configured very easily. Although the premium version is completely free, it gives you more options.

Check out my links

With the Check My Links extension, you can check all page links very quickly and in one click.

In fact, once a web page is loaded in Chrome, all you have to do is click on the extension’s icon. Page links are allowed to be scanned. When you complete the scan, you will easily be able to get the following details:

  • the exact number of links in total;
  • the number of links that are still active;
  • total number of broken links;
  • Total percentage of active links.

In particular, you’ll notice that active links are underlined in green and broken links are highlighted in red.

Mangools SEO plugin

Mangools SEO Extension is a powerful way to do quick SEO analysis that includes authority and trend metrics, backlink analysis, key on-page SEO data, and rank tracking.

You’ll essentially get key data from your suite of SEO tools (which includes KWFinder, SERPChecker, LinkMiner, and more) right in your browser with the ability to use the tools at any time for in-depth analysis.

The extension has smart context menu integrations and advanced features available directly in Google SERP, such as localized results, shortcuts for backlink analysis, and URL profiling.

redirect path

Redirects are an important part of SEO. The redirect path will show you all redirects from the URL you entered to the final URL link.

The extension reports HTTP status codes 301, 302, 404, and 500, as well as client-side redirects such as Meta and Javascript redirects, helping to identify potential issues that might not have been seen otherwise.

The tool also displays other HTTP headers (such as server types and cache headers) and the server’s IP address at the click of a button.

With Meta SEO Inspector, you can see all metadata in one click. To do this, you will only have to activate the extension. You will see all page features visible at once. This tool also allows you to see what needs to be corrected or what is missing.

You will notice that errors are colored in red, information in green, and then hints in yellow. Meta SEO Inspector also allows you to access the Hn markup of your page more easily. Perfect for quickly noticing shortcomings. All you have to do is download the chrome extension to take advantage of its many features.

Many people forget that YouTube is primarily a large search engine for video content.

However, you can improve your content marketing efforts with a tool like vidIQ Vision for YouTube.

This free Chrome extension provides you with important metrics for both your own videos and those of your closest competitors.

You can easily find out things like engagement results and the potential for your video to be featured or grab attention on social media.

If content and video marketing is your specialty, you will definitely need this browser extension in your arsenal of tools.

With Keywords Everywhere, you have all the useful information regarding the most searched keywords on Google. Finally, no more navigating between Google Keyword and your search engine!

In addition, as long as this extension is activated, every time you type a keyword into Google, you have direct access:

  • CPC and monthly search volume
  • In competition with Google Adword

Keywords Everywhere also allows you to see, to the right of the search engine results page (SERP), the keywords associated with your search. For just $1, you have unparalleled access to up to 10,000 credits.

SEO is dynamic in nature. This is why you need to monitor your search engine rankings day in and day out. Doing this manually for each major search engine can be tedious. This is where the SERPTrends SEO extension comes in.

This free tool tells you if your website’s position has changed in the SERPs. How is it going ?

When you first check a website’s ranking in Google or Bing, the extension saves its current position for the keyword. When you return for the same keyword the next day, the extension compares the ranking with the previous day.

Fatrank is a free tool you must try for competitor keyword research.

This extension gives you the ability to see the position of the site you are visiting for a particular keyword. With just one click, you can do it easily without difficulty.

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