3 sailor lessons lost in the middle of the ocean

The Three Teachings of Sailors Lost in the Middle of the Oceanyear

Having a purpose in life fills us with extraordinary strength.

Every day in our life we ​​face difficulties whether in our work or in our daily life. From the moment we get a goal, where our lives have meaning, these difficulties seem easier to overcome. Having a purpose in life gives us extraordinary strength. Having a goal makes us capable of feats. We know where we are going, what our direction is, nothing can turn us away from it, like this sailor who swims against the currents, the sun, and the wind to reach the mysterious island he sees in the distance.

Having a purpose in life allows us to look positively at our past.

One of my psychology professors once said this sentence that will mark me forever: “The past has its source in the future.”. It took him nearly 10 years to understand the full meaning of it and how right he was. We may have had misfortunes, encountered obstacles, experienced failure. If we have a goal in life, if we have a horizon to move towards, our past takes on a different meaning. Failure becomes a future success, a difficulty lesson that helps us move forward, a misfortune, a lesson in wisdom and maturity.

Having a purpose in life and believing in yourself allows you to achieve your dreams.

Looking at successful people (artists, businessmen, politicians), many are in awe and think: these people are full of talents. They have to be very smart to get where they are. Nothing could be less wrong. Because what distinguishes one who succeeds from others is less talent than conviction. Successful artists, entrepreneurs and politicians are first and foremost those who believe in themselves and allow themselves to dream and work towards their dream.

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Writer : Eric Liberton – President and Director of Orient’Action / Psy’Action
Inspired by Jack Bremond
Proofreader: Pauline Dubray

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