5 destination ideas less than 3 hours from Paris this summer

Where to go less than 3 hours from Paris by car? At the cusp of summer, Parisian frenzy can make you want to escape. Due to lack of budget or time, holidays in Bali are not right now. However, to escape the French capital and quickly get away from it all, there are many travel options! Pack your bags here 5 destination ideas near Paris.

coasts of Normandy

Just 2 hours from Paris by car or trainNormandy’s beaches provide a breath of fresh air for all Parisians who need to breathe.

to Deauville, you can enjoy its beach, stroll on the board, visit the casino or attend cultural events such as the American Film Festival in early September. A few kilometers away, the majestic cliffs of Étretat offer stunning landscapes just a stone’s throw from the capital. On the Honfleur side, walk into a picturesque gem with timeless charm, ready to dazzle you. You will understand that the coasts of Normandy are the ideal destination during which to recharge your batteries Holidays near paris.

Normandy beach

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Reims and its surroundings

It is located in the city of Champagne Reims. The capital of Champagne is known for its vineyards and cellars, and its rich historical heritage, which includes its stately cathedral. For those with a sweet tooth, Reims Pink Biscuits will delight your taste buds. Also, take advantage of the beautiful green spaces that the city enjoys. You can relax and enjoy nature. Parc de la Patte d’Oie, Parc de Champagne, and Jardin de la Roseraie are pleasant places for a picnic or picnic.

Destination less than 3 hours from Paris: Orléans

near paris, Orleans It is a city rich in history and charm, where the past blends harmoniously with modern life. Lined with reflecting pools, the magnificent avenue leading to Orléans Cathedral provides a stately and serene setting. Hence it brings a unique atmosphere to a city of this size, without the drawbacks of Paris.

It’s the north! lil friendly

to A trip near Paris this summerwhy don’t you go along night ? This dynamic and welcoming city harmoniously combines the history, culture and friendship of northern France. Lille offers many activities to explore. First of all, culinary specialties to taste like the famous pancakes of the North. Then, as you stroll the cobbled streets of Old Lille, you’ll discover its architectural charm and impressive façades of colorful houses. Your steps will surely lead you to the Grand Place with its majestic bell tower and you can browse small shops, quaint cafes and restaurants.

night street

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Giverny water lilies

Giverny, a typical French village with undeniable charm, surprisingly close to Paris. In fact, you can reach this little gem in just an hour and a half by car or less than an hour by train. Giverny was the residence of famous painter Claude Monet for 40 years, and painting lovers will recognize the landscapes that inspired many of his paintings. So, for a Destination less than 3 hours from Paris In a quiet place, she falls in love with Giverny.

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