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More and more people want to have it In sports equipment in order to equip their gym, training area or garage gym. This allows them to better organize themselves in their daily lives, to save time and money (no gym membership for example) and reduce their movements. If you are one of those people, then this article will interest you! We’ll see what are the five essential materials for your training space.

1. Sandbag

Essential for the training space: sandbagThe Sandbag, as its name suggests, is a bag ofand sand. Not to be confused with powerbag. Sandbag allows you to get the same sensations as a barbell, more economicalAnd above all, less bulky! On the one hand, the Powerbag is more like a punching bag with handles and straps. It is generally a product that is not very expensive but does not deliver at allt the same benefits and sensations as the Sandbag.

LEVEL addict sandbags (High Density Sandbag 12kg to 30kg – Size M Cross Training (level-addict.com))) to 100% French design and manufacture that allows you to have a good grip thanks to its ergonomic handles and and he It adapts to all sizes thanks to its different sizes and loads.

2. Weighted jacket

Essential for the training space: a weighted jacket

A weighted jacket is a material that allows you to add body weight during exercise functional, which makes it more difficult. This will further develop your core, as well as work all your muscles with greater intensity. Wearing a vest allows you to perform your exercises while keeping your hands free for gymnastics exercises (pulls, rings, …).It will allow you to too Do exercises that belts with weights attached won’t allow you to, like squats, push-ups, or deadlifts (among others).

3. gym rings

Essential for the training space: gym ringsGymnastic rings allow you to perform a large number of movements such as pull-ups, pull-ups, pull-ups or even dips. It is ideal for working on building your muscles. They can be installed indoors or outdoors: indoors on a crossbar for example in your training area and outdoors on a solid tree branch or two horizontal poles.

4 The strong bag


A sturdy bag, like a sandbag, is a bag filled with sand but without a handle. This is the equipment you need for your job training, Just right for working on your strength. It can also adapt to smaller sizes thanks to its different sizes and potential loads.

5. Classic: wavy cord

Sports rope

The battle rope will help you develop your endurance, strengthen your muscles, and especially cardio! This makes it a versatile sports equipment. In addition, it has different thicknesses and lengths, which allows it to be adapted to all levels. Its advantage is that you can do a very large number of different exercises with it, without risk of injury, whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

You now know the 5 essentials that you absolutely must equip your training space to allow you to calmly (or not) perform your job training!

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