5 reasons not to sell the car

In this article, we briefly describe the reasons why a car cannot be transported.

If necessary, this information about the vehicle can be obtained from the registration report provided by the Histovic Ministry of the Interior.

When a vehicle has a reason not to be sold, the Home Office registration report will contain a section titled “Prohibition of Vehicle Disposal.” If there is a reason why the vehicle cannot be moved, the reason will be mentioned in this section.

However, nowadays it is common to find in the report header a warning in a box that may indicate limitations of the design or movement of the vehicle, for example: “This vehicle cannot be driven”, “Technical control invalid” … but in most cases , the reason why the car cannot be sold is not established, and therefore it is necessary to contact specialized services to inform us of the exact cause of the problems.

The reasons for this prohibition can be, among other things, serious penalties or the fact that the seller deliberately concealed defects in the car. Please note that the car cannot be sold if it has defects or if some anomalies are not reported.

In most cases, here are the other reasons for not selling the car.

Technical control

If you want to sell a vehicle whose technical inspection has expired and this is stated on the Histovic report, ANTS will accept a change of owner, but will not issue a new Gray Card until the vehicle has validated the vehicle technical.

Reserved and sealed

Vehicles for which a reservation has been recorded can be moved, and for this reason, seizures do not appear in the traffic report in the Disposal Restrictions section. Thus, in these cases, ANTS proceeds with the change of ownership, but the buyer is required to be informed of the existence of the attachment, so that he knows that he has acquired a car in violation. Currently, ANTS requires a document signed by the purchaser indicating knowledge of the vehicle being seized.

How do I know if the vehicle has had any accidents?

If the vehicle whose ownership you want to change is the subject of a sealing order (in this case, it is an order issued by a judicial or administrative authority), ANTS, as in the case of technical control, authorizes the change of ownership, but does not issue the new gray card, and also informs the authority that I issued the sealing order with the identity and address of the new owner of the vehicle. As long as the seals are not revoked by the authority issuing them, no new certificate of registration is issued.

Retention of ownership

If the car is subject to retention of title, it cannot be sold until the loan taken from the finance company that recorded the reservation is repaid.


We will discuss later in an article devoted to buying and selling cars with outstanding fines. Since May 2010, the Highway Code provides for the prohibition of transporting vehicles with four or more severe administrative fines, of a serious or extremely dangerous nature.

If the driver is in this situation, a restriction or refusal will appear on the vehicle technical inspection report, and the vehicle cannot be sold until the situation is settled even if you have a gray card in good standing plus Certificate of non-compliance without the gray card.

In the case of penalties that are not classified as serious or that are not mentioned in Histovic’s report, the vehicle can be transported without problems. It should be noted that the penalties are never transferred with the car offered for sale, because they are always attached to the driver and not to the vehicle with which the violation was committed.

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