Ads galore, Spider-Man 2 and Metal Gear Solid popping up

Sony sends heavy. The Japanese brand held its Playstation Showcase last night, an event dedicated to gaming PS5 at. To say the least, the evening was filled with advertisements. We include all of this for you, the supporting videos.

Playstation Showcase: Ads in Chaos, Spider-Man 2 and Metal Gear Solid in the Spotlight

service games

We first dealt with several games of the service that may have disappointed gamers around the world. Foamstars, from Square Enix, turns out to be a pale version of Splatoon, on the Nintendo Switch. Jade Raymond Haven studio is making $Fairgame, a Battle Royale game for PS5 and PC. Bungie is working on a multiplayer FPS, Marathon. Finally, Helldivers 2, a kind of Starship Troopers, will be landing this year and it’s a co-op TPS. None of these games featured gameplay, with the exception of Foamstars.

Indies and VR

Then Playstation bet on a whole host of indie games. Notice the spiritual son of Abzu and Rahla, Sword of the Sea, who will soon descend. There was also a new Cat Quest and Neva. But it really was The Plucky Squire that was the most impressive, technically speaking. PSVR 2 is also honored, with Synapse, Crossfire Sierra Squad, or Arizona Sunshine 2.

Big production

But Playstation hasn’t forgotten its primary goal, which is to showcase big productions. Final Fantasy XVI is once again in the spotlight, a month before its release. Phantom Blade Zero was a slap in the face. Street Fighter 6, Alan Wake 2, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Immortals of Aveum, Talos Principe 2, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage are also featured. Note that all of these games are cross-platform, with the exception of Phantom Blade and FF 16.

But apparently PlayStation has unveiled a long video about Spider-Man 2! Some will complain about the graphics similar to the first, but it’s clear that the game sends heavy in terms of staging.

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