After 21 years, Windows XP activation has been hacked

One of the most controversial parts of launching Windows XP was the implementation of Windows Product Activation, an anti-piracy measure that has been the source of many bugs and headaches. today, 21 years after the arrival of Windows XP, its activation algorithm has been hacked.

Like the reports The Record, a blog post on tinyapps Worthy Activate Windows XP: GAME OVER briefly tracks the history of attempted hacks of the operating system activation process. Then it provides the SHA-256 hash of xp_activate32.exe, a program that allows you to generate the appropriate keys to activate Windows XP offline.

This software is based on Microsoft’s proprietary activation key algorithm. So it must produce the exact key that Microsoft will provide to your computer through the traditional activation channels. Of course, Microsoft stopped activating Windows XP installations several years ago, and most people don’t need activation keys when using XP in a virtual machine.

As for why anyone would use Windows XP, well, you shouldn’t. Besides being quite outdated, Windows XP is riddled with unpatched vulnerabilities. Windows XP is only useful for gamers who play retro games, people who want to take a nostalgia cruise, and businesses that rely on decades-old software for their mission-critical operations (you can still find XP in hospitals, industrial facilities, manufacturing facilities, and in some sectors government).

If you are using Windows XP, do not connect it to the Internet. It’s not like the operating system can do much on the Internet, anyway. If you are a fan of old computers, the tinyapps blog is full of great programs for old machines.

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