All you need to know about changing vehicle ownership

If you need to change ownership of a car, in this article we will go through the main points of this procedure so that you can do it in minutes and online with your digital certificate.

What is a change of car ownership?

If you intend to buy a used car or have already bought a used car, you must change the owner of your car with ANTS. This procedure can be done online.

If you decide to do it online, you can do so quickly if you have all the necessary documents, which we’ll review below.

In accessing the online service, you will find three ways:

  • Change of Ownership – Overview
  • Change of bicycle ownership
  • Change of ownership – exceptional cases

We will return to exceptional cases later, but first we will review the general procedure for changing ownership of a vehicle.

As the buyer of the car, you have 30 days from signing the contract to make the change. Once the procedure is complete, a new Gray Card will be issued. For this, it is important that the technical oversight is valid, otherwise it is not valid.

You should know that for a sales contract to be valid, it must be signed by the buyer and seller on each of the papers that make it up. It is also necessary for the buyer to keep a copy of the seller’s registration certificate or residence card. Finally, the contract must state the exact date the vehicle was delivered.

Conditions for changing vehicle ownership

For a vehicle ownership change to work properly, certain conditions must be met.

  • First of all, the vehicle must be unloaded and registered. By fees we mean unpaid taxes or fines, as well as an update in the payment of the Ministry of Commerce and Insurance. So the legal and administrative status of the vehicle must be irreparable. If you are the seller, make sure everything is in order before selling; And if you are the buyer, be sure that you will not face any unpleasant surprises afterwards.
  • Secondly, you must have all the necessary documents To complete the procedure online. On the one hand, you will need to sign in with your digital certificate. Once entered, you will need to fill in your details, the document certifying the sale of the vehicle (such as an invoice or sales contract signed by the seller and buyer), as well as proof of payment, exemption or non-transfer fee.
  • Finally, you must pay the procedural costs, which amount to 55 euros even if Average gray card price In France it is about 43 euros.

Change of owner of a used car

Special cases to change ownership of a vehicle

The exceptional cases classified by ANTS are as follows:

  • Transfers when one of the parties is under guardianship.
  • Death of the owner and inheritance.
  • Separation, divorce or separation.
  • Car donation.
  • historical vehicles.
  • Vehicles that have more than one owner.
  • Allocation in the context of a vehicle auction.

As we have seen previously, to manage the change of ownership of vehicles in exceptional cases, there is a specific access code on the ANTS website that we referred to earlier.

The buyer must be the one to take action. After checking the application, a vehicle registration certificate will be sent to you by mail. It is more convenient to use an electronic signature, unless you have the docusign online platform, which allows you to sign documents using your digital certificate. Your application must be digitally signed.

Here are the steps to complete the application:

  • Purchase and upload a tax receipt
  • Fill in your data in the electronic register.
  • The application in the official form, scanned and signed by hand from both sides.
  • Between individuals: a handwritten purchase contract signed by both parties, a scanned identity document for the seller, original or scanned form CERFA No. 15776 (as the case may be).


  • If the seller is a legal person: the sales invoice, the VAT number, the document representing the legal person, and the identity card of the signatory on the document representing the legal person. All documents have been scanned.

Change of ownership of vehicles between members of the same family

In this case, it is customary to choose the exceptional case called “donation”, because it is a change of ownership of a vehicle without selling it. It is also possible to make a “sale”, but in this case you can take advantage.

If this is a donation, you can deduct the donation amount from your taxes depending on the price of the car. If it is a sale, there is no sale tax because as an individual you are not considered a professional business.

Differences between notification of vehicle sale and change of vehicle ownership

Notification of a vehicle sale is a procedure that the seller must perform once the sale has been made, before the buyer proceeds to change ownership of the vehicle.

If you, as the seller, delay doing so, you risk a fine, claim or technical control issue. As a seller, it is also important that you have a signed copy of the sales contract and a copy of the buyer’s ID.

That’s all we can do to guide you through the online process of changing ownership of your vehicle, whether you’re buying or selling.

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