Alllinks launches a new offer at only €5 per month, without ads, for a 100% customizable link in bio!

When wanting to access certain features, Linktree comes with high costs and also offers limited landing page customization. Alllinks is now a file An alternative to Linktree Which allows you to create a 100% customizable Instagram bio link. With the variety of features offered by its free version, the Made in France platform is now launching a paid offer for only 5 euros per month for its users.

Alllinks, an interesting Made in France alternative to Linktree

alllinks It is a useful tool for Instagram users who want to improve their use of Link in bio By offering an optimal user experience to their audience. This Linktree alternative allows you to create a link in your Instagram bio that redirects to a custom page where you can aggregate multiple links.

This is a convenient solution for users who want to promote multiple content or products. with alllinks-You have a choice Create a links page Which groups multiple URLs together:

  • website,
  • sales page,
  • blog,
  • social media account,
  • file…

This tool allows its users Direct traffic to multiple pages important at the same time. The free version of the tool offers access to a variety of features in exchange for a discreet ad at the bottom of the page.

This version may be suitable for users who are new to Instagram or who do not need advanced features. For people who want to get the most out of this tool, I would recommend New offer at only 5 euros per month.

Several Instagram Bio links

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Offer of only €5 per month that does not include all ads

The main feature of the 5 euro per month offer is associated withExclude ad insertion. This is a non-binding offer that provides access to a number of advanced features. With the higher vip offer, you will even be able to remove the Allinks mention at the bottom of the page.

I’Offer at €5 per month from Alllinks It is an affordable and attractive option for users looking to improve their Instagram bio link usage. It offers a simple yet effective solution to promote your content and products on Instagram.

with Non-binding subscriptions From Alllinks, you benefit from a Variety of features To better promote your brand or services. You can include an unlimited number of links on your links page. Your links can be added, modified and deleted easily and at any time.

You can grab your audience’s attention and give a professional impression Customize your links page With your logo, background image and description. Users of this tool can track clicks on their links to see which content is the best and improve their marketing strategy. marketing Subsequently.

If you run into any issues, feel free to Contact Alllinks Technical Support It is available to assist users.

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