Apple unveils Vision Pro, its revolutionary mixed reality headset

Mixed reality has finally reached our cottages. apple has just created a stir by unveiling an all-new helmet that aims to replace all competitors. The Apple brand will actually market the Vision Pro, a product that sells dreams to all tech enthusiasts… unless everyone freaks out?

Apple unveils Vision Pro, its revolutionary mixed reality headset

The Cupertino company did not want to focus on virtual reality headsets, such as PS VR 2 or Oculus Quest for example, nor on an augmented reality headset, such as Microsoft’s Hololens. I chose to mix the two realities to present a helmet for the price of… $3,500.

Revolutionary headphones, but with a wired battery

But at this price, Apple has cut out all the stops because the helmet, which ultimately looks like a ski mask, will allow you to find everything that makes the salt of the Apple ecosystem (apps, icons, transition effects, etc.). ) directly into your environment. You will be able to browse the web through a window built into your living room, without losing awareness of your surroundings. As for the controls, everything will be done with your fingers, to scroll for example, or by voice using Siri to close and open pages. The look will also be crucial because it will allow you to identify what interests you, such as PS VR 2.

But the great innovation of this headset is its interface. This headset has two OLED screens, each displaying 23 million pixels. The first screen before your eyes. The second will be visible from the outside. With a wheel on the helmet, you can adjust its dimming so that people around you know if you’re available or immersed in the content. Apple has integrated 12 cameras, 5 sensors, 6 microphones, 2 high-quality speakers, and a sound ray tracing system into its helmet.

The only concern is that the Apple brand includes a wired battery built into its helmet, which must be worn at the waist or placed on a table, for example. Now let’s see what it will be like in real life, since the concept has something to scare refractory. It should be available at least early 2024 in the US.

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