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We know that: Moving is good for your health. Exercising is also a guarantee of a good night’s sleep. This is the guarantee that you will be on top during training sessions as well as at work or in your personal life. clarification.

Sleeping well: why is it important?

We have all experienced at least once every night a very short sleep, whether due to a festive evening or due to insomnia. It’s hard to be on top when you’re yawning and tired … Especially since lack of sleep makes you irritable: it’s very simple, everything annoys us! This state of burnout presents an immediate danger: a lower response, a lower level of alertness… From a spilled cup to a car accident, anything can happen.

In the long term, lack of sleep poses even more serious health risks. Lack of sleep affects the immune system, which is less efficient. It also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes. In short: good sleep is as important to everyday health as it is!

Exercise and sleep: what is the connection between them?

You definitely noticed it during workouts: you feel very good after the transition. And for good reason: During exercise, the brain releases endorphins, aka the “happiness hormone.” This is the best way to fight stress, which is the number one cause of insomnia! This also promotes sleep and, above all, a better quality deep sleep phase. However, deep sleep is the most refreshing for the brain and body.

Being physically active is most beneficial in winter, a season when we often feel tired. The reason is simple: our body naturally models its rhythm to our circadian rhythm, the alternation of day and night. Therefore, it depends on the brightness, which is sorely lacking in winter. Our circadian clock can get disrupted quickly: if we’re tired during the day, there’s no way we can sleep after dark! Doing physical activity outdoors during the day provides exposure to natural light and effectively resets our internal clock!

Exercising in the evening: good or bad idea?

We often hear that exercise is a bad idea: far from promoting a good night’s sleep, it will exacerbate insomnia! However, it is sometimes complicated to fit a training session into our overburdened schedules. The good news is that no: moving in the evening isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

In general, it is recommended to avoid prolonged or intense exertion during the evening. We will therefore avoid high training sessions before going to bed, preferring to arrange them in the morning or at the beginning of the afternoon, to favor activities such as pilates or yoga. However, there is no absolute rule, and everyone reacts differently: so the ideal is to try yourself and trust your feelings.

Improve the benefits of exercise for a good sleep

Endurance sports promote the release of endorphins even more: to take full advantage of the benefits of exercise while you sleep, you can start by scheduling a Nordic walking, running or cycling session during the week.

To get the most out of your deep sleep stages, take care of your sleep environment. Good bedding is essential. To reduce the risk of back pain and promote muscle recovery, it is important to respect the natural alignment of the spine. Thus, the essential elements are a good mattress and a pillow that adapts to your morphology and preferred sleeping position. We’ll also avoid stuffy rooms, preferring a good duvet in winter!

Of course, a healthy lifestyle is essential to take full advantage of the benefits of exercise on sleep… but also to promote good performance while training! There is no question, then, of ignoring a balanced diet and good hydration on a daily basis.

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