Canonical has announced its free Ubuntu Pro for a maximum of five devices

Canonical has announced its free Ubuntu Pro for a maximum of five devices

Primary address Just announced the Extended Ubuntu Pro plan , which from now on is available to all users of the distribution completely free of charge, for a maximum of five machines. Therefore, the sea is a new procedure aimed at professionals and small businesses, but everyone can benefit from it.

Why this announcement is such good news is understood by the meaning of Ubuntu Pro, a plan that is part of the Ubuntu Advantage business support package, but that users and businesses can sign up for independently of it. How are they different from each other? In it, Ubuntu Advantage includes Canonical’s full commercial offering, including technical assistance, access to specific tools, and more, while Ubuntu Pro comes down to expanding system support.

Specifically, Ubuntu Pro is Extended support for every LTS release of Ubuntu, from 5 to 10 years . If 5 years of support for each LTS version of Ubuntu is available to everyone, then the additional 5 years provided by Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) is paid for, first as an exclusive part of the Ubuntu Advantage package and from one year to that part in the form of Ubuntu Pro, which is A name that already exists, but in more specific contexts, such as cloud services.

Now, Ubuntu Pro not only includes maintaining the LTS release system for an additional five years, but it does so in a big way, including in its support each of the roughly 2,300 packages that make up the distribution’s main repository, such as Over 23,000 packages in the universe warehouse so we are not talking about minimal maintenance, quite the opposite, more valuable on the server side than on the desktop, but certainly welcome on both.

The news now is that Ubuntu Pro is free for everyone on a maximum of five devices which is news that will please many to reach, both for those who depend on Ubuntu installations on servers and workstations.

‚ÄúSince we first released Ubuntu LTS, with five years of free platform support, our enterprise customers have increasingly demanded that we cover the broader open source landscape under private commercial agreements. Today, we are excited to introduce The advantages of all of this work for free to anyone in the world, with a free personal subscription to Ubuntu Pro.”

It should be noted in this regard that ESM support has been implemented as of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, but within the Ubuntu Advantage package; He just talks about Ubuntu Pro, I did the same thing as Ubuntu 16.04 LTS . It should also not be confused with the Livepatch hot kernel patching service, which is another add-on for Ubuntu Advantage that cannot be purchased separately, but is also free for a certain number of computers.

For Ubuntu Pro, the sign-up process is the same as Livepatch, with an Ubuntu One account. For more than five devices, there’s a 30-day free trial, while it’s $25 per year per workstation or $500 per year per server. All service details, in The official page for Ubuntu Pro .

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