Can’t wait to discover the iPhone 15 Pro? Here are the pictures

The iPhone 14 may be a little more than 6 months old, but many tech enthusiasts are already looking forward to the next iteration, which just might be one of the best smartphones to buy in 2023. Perhaps the reason for the hype lies in the design changes that Apple is rumored to be implementing this year.

According to most reports, the range iPhone 15 It will radically change the look of the Pro and Pro Max models.

New leak regarding iPhone 15which again speaks of design iPhone 15 Pro, is a commitment. This leak repeats what we’ve heard in the past: USB-C, a titanium frame, and other, more subtle changes. Then there’s the special color for this year’s iPhone Pro.

Designer Ian Zilbo deported By 9to5mac showed us new renders of the iPhone 15 Pro, giving us a closer look. The first change you’ll notice is The biggest bump for the rear camerathat has already been leaked.

This larger bump also includes image sensors that protrude more than the iPhone 14 Pro. This must be due to the presence of the periscope lens. However, the camera layout is the same.

Titanium frame

Then you have it USB Type C port instead of Lightning port which we saw years ago. This is the result of a recent European law, which Apple has confirmed it follows. It was revealed that USB-C will be for all iPhone 15 models, but there may be a difference in the configuration. The physical volume and power buttons will be replaced with tactile buttons (similar to the iPhone 8’s Home button), which doesn’t require much pressure.

Like the Apple Watch Ultra, The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will be made of titanium for a look beloved. The edges will be rounded, unlike the flat edges introduced with the iPhone 12 series. As for the front, you’ll get thinner screen bezels (reportedly measuring 1.55mm), which can help increase screen real estate. This isn’t a huge change, but it will still help improve your viewing experience.

new color

Every year, new iPhones come in a special color, be it the standard model or the Pro model. this year, The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max could be in deep redAs already announced in the leaks. This color will be added to the White, Black and Gold options.

As for other details, you can expect camera and performance improvements, longer battery life, and more. The iPhone 15 line is expected to debut in September. While there is still time for surprises, Apple’s new flagship looks very promising on paper.

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