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Alpine, BMW, Ford, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen… The week was full of car news! We’re staying with you on this Expresso News.

After last year’s all-yellow “Tour de Corse” edition, Alpine continues to celebrate its historic victories: here, the 50th anniversary of Jean Rédélé’s first pole position in the San Remo Rally. For the occasion, the brand is offering a special livery for the A110 GT: the color “Caddy Blue”, white rims and custom badging. Inside, a microfiber dashboard, bucket seats, and, of course, a number plate. 200 units are available for €89,000 (…or an extra €16,500 compared to a ‘normal’ GT!)
During its annual conference, BMW gave some details about the 5 Series. This “G30” generation will arrive next October with a full range of engines: petrol and diesel in mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid and now 100% electric. The i5 (since that’s its name) will be available in sedans and station wagons, which is a very attractive argument for those who resist SUVs. An electric M Performance version will also be served on the cake. looking forward !
electrical? efficiency? Ford throws all of those concepts on their heads and lands the Bronco in Europe. And the vehicle, with its undeniable allure, targets the Jeep Wrangler: ax-hewn bodywork, removable doors and roof, exceptional off-road capabilities…but no plug-in hybrid option. Instead, a good old V6 with 335 hp refuses 319 g of CO2 per km, which is enough to reduce the cost: you will have to add € 38.250 to the € 76,500 required for the basic finish, and certainly very well equipped … You won’t see much. Anyway, Ford announces “very limited” quantities!
Let’s get back to normal with the new electric SUV. Kia reveals first images of its EV9, and it’s heavy. The style of this large sports car (perhaps close to 5 meters long) looks like two drops of water in the test car it advertises, and this does not displease us. One hell of a mouthful! Seven venues are planned, with no further technical information reported. Maybe we should find electrical architecture at 800 volts that make HEEV6 By dramatically reducing fast recharge times.
It’s not electric, but it’s a coupe, so that’s okay: Mercedes-Benz presents its new GLC Coupe! Under the dress of the less conservative hides a new car. The dashboard is clearly taken from the ‘normal’ version, itself heavily inspired by the ‘normal’ version class c. In terms of engines, they are 100% electrified: petrol (204 and 258 hp) and diesel (197 and 269 hp) in a mild hybrid, not to mention the three PHEVs (313 and 381 hp in petrol and 335 hp in diesel) that can travel up to 131 kilometers in 100% electric mode thanks to the large batteries. to discover this summer.
Going back in time but closer to accessible prices: Volkswagen reveals its identity concept. 2all (“for everyone” in French read “for everyone”). Because yes, this study announces the democratization of electrics at Volkswagen, given that we are talking about an access price of less than 25,000 euros … excluding incentives! The specs delivered bring a smile, since we’re talking 226bhp and a 56kWh battery that promises a range of up to 450km – and it remains to be seen if this motor and this battery will be fitted to the Access version. This is the identity card. 2all also touts impressive space on board thanks to its electrified platform. However, the production car will not arrive until the end of 2025. It is difficult to predict what other manufacturers’ offerings will be like by this deadline …

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