Chrome’s new customization tools make the browser even more fun

If Google Chrome has seemed gray and uninspiring to you lately, the New customization tools From the browser allows you to activate it well deserved.

In the latest Chrome desktop version, Google has added a new side panel that lets you try out a bunch of exciting new colors, themes, and settings. While many of these options were already available in Chrome, the new ones are easier to use and allow you to see the changes you make in real time.

If automatic updates are not enabled, you can update to the latest version by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the toolbar, then go to Help > About Google Chrome.

After the update, how do I find Chrome Customizers? Open a new tab and you will see the “Customize Chrome” icon in the lower right corner. Click on it to open the new sidebar. The main section to edit is the “Appearance” section at the top.

It allows you to modify two important elements: The general color scheme and background image for Chrome, which you can change every day. Click “Change theme” and you’ll see a set of default background options from a selection of artists, or more subtle options like Geometric Shapes if they’re too distracting.

Bigger changes are under the hood

If you can’t decide, just enable the “Update every day” option on each group and Chrome will scroll through it. Besides these themes, you can also choose the background color for the toolbar and tabs, thanks to the grid below. There are 15 default colors to choose from, but you can go ahead with the eyedropper, which lets you enter your own RGB values.

Chrome’s revamped customization tools are a nice quality-of-life improvement for regular users. Google is also making important changes under the hood of Chrome, with its plans to disable third-party cookies moving at a snail’s pace.

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