Cloud streaming of PS5 games is finally available with PlayStation Plus

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A small PlayStation revolution. While that X-Box Sony dominated the cloud segment with its xCloud app that allowed Gamepass games to be played across any screen, and Sony has just caught up and announced a similar feature. It will soon be possible to broadcast your games PS5 In the cloud via the Playstation Plus Premium offer, the price of this subscription is several tens of euros per year.

Cloud streaming of PS5 games is finally available with PlayStation Plus

First, we have some very exciting news for PlayStation Plus Premium members. We are currently testing cloud streaming of select PS5 games – this includes PS5 titles from the PlayStation Plus game catalog and game tests, as well as some digital PS5 titles that players own.”said Nick Maguire, Vice President of PlayStation Store Services.

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And to add: When this feature launches, cloud game streaming will be available for select PS5 titles to use directly on your PS5 console. This means that, as a Prime member, it will be even easier to jump right into your favorite games without having to download them to your PS5 console first. We aim to Adding this as an additional benefit to PlayStation Plus Premium, as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the value of PlayStation Plus.

The cloud means you don’t have to download the game to play it. So far, PS5 games can only be played on connected devices with the PlayStation 5 turned on, in other words, it’s only remote streaming. With the cloud, you no longer need a PS5! It’s enough to put butter on spinach for Sony, which recently announced a Playstation Portable dedicated to game streaming. It is very likely that it now also works in the cloud.

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