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At the moment

Virtual reality application fields are multiplying, creating new professions. The sector employs both creatives and technicians. What are the potential tasks of an immersive designer (the inventor of virtual worlds in French) today? What are the other functions in virtual reality?

What are the possible tasks for immersive designer ?

The designer of immersive environments blends virtual reality, augmented reality, and soon, holograms. Hence, he designs new user experiences in a variety of areas.

at leisure

Virtual reality is now used in many entertainment activities: video games, cinema, attractions…

A multimedia application developer uses virtual reality to produce applications that combine text, video, images, and audio. Both can concern Serious games from an interactive booth.

Virtual reality in commerce

rise of E-Commerce It led to a great need for virtual stores. Luxury brands in particular are increasingly using it.

in the industry

In industry, virtual production chains are developing. Virtual reality speeds up new product design thanks to rapid prototyping.

At work

In corporate service, virtual reality makes it possible to imagine new workspaces, for example, remotely.

Vocational training also uses it to put the learner in exercise conditions similar to the environment in which he or she will have to work.

What are the other functions in virtual reality?

in construction and civil engineering

the BIM manager Develops and coordinates the digital model for the joint construction project between the various stakeholders. A BIM expert then oversees the improvement of this model throughout the project. The goal is to improve project management and monitoring.

The model, or virtual avatar, enables a more accurate assessment of construction times and intervention, maintenance or cleanup once the project is complete.

in automobiles, avionics, transportation, and video games

A virtual reality engineer designs simulation systems, new human-machine interfaces, via a stereoscopic vision helmet or a motion detector.

Graphic designer Real-time 3D technology seems to be another work that emerges from virtual reality and is blown away by the wind. This specialization opens up additional job opportunities related to software for creating images and installation.

3D simulation and printing

A digital designer, or 3D modeler, works closely with a designer. Digital design and fabrication open up endless possibilities to create and customize new objects.

Thus a 3D modeler can work in industry, architecture, animation or even Packaging. Produces a 3D representation of an object using specialized software.

2D/3D animation, on the other hand, puts computer-generated images in motion to design a corporate video, animated film, or advertisement. Works in a creative studio or freelance.

The 3D printer brings the object to life. He must be careful to respect the specifications and choose the most appropriate materials. This additive manufacturing specialist works in the fields of industry, health (dental implants and prostheses) or jewelry (custom-made jewelry).

Virtual reality and the legal profession

In the context of the ethical challenges posed by the metaverse (the virtual world), questions of a legal nature arise, and thus the function of the metaverse attorney. Companies will have to develop skills internally to deal with problems that may arise in this area.

experts in smart contract are also emerging. Preparing this type of contract requires specific legal and technical knowledge, which is currently very rare in the market.

Publication date: 10/18/2022

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