Drinking lemonade: why and how?

Lemon is a very popular citrus fruit that has many benefits for the body. Its crisp, refreshing taste and pleasant aroma make it the star of many culinary recipes, but also some diets. Rich in vitamins (A, B, C and E), lemon is the best ally for people who want to maintain their health. physical form. What are the benefits of lemon juice? Does drinking lemon juice have any long-term side effects?

What are the benefits of lemon juice?

the Lemon juice It has been used for years for its anti-inflammatory properties. This particular citrus fruit has been incorporated into many remedies against respiratory infections, colds or tonsillitis. In addition to these virtues known since ancient times, we now know that one lemon contains approximately 31 mg of vitamin C. This equates to about 51% of the recommended daily intake. Therefore, consuming lemon water can help reduce the risk of heart attacks or cardiovascular diseases.

Lemon is widely used in Weight loss, rebalance diet and diets for fitness. Its juice stimulates the metabolism and promotes the dissolution of fats. Lemon also contains pectin and caffeine. Therefore, it causes a feeling of fullness in the stomach and helps regulate appetite.

In addition to these benefits, lemon juice:

  • It helps fight anemia thanks to its high concentration of vitamin C and citric acid.
  • helps to strengthen the body’s immune system,
  • Helps prevent the risk of some types of cancer,
  • Promotes gut health and helps slow down the digestion of starches and sugars.
  • Promotes hydration (if added to cold water) and has a detoxifying effect.

Thanks for that Rich in vitamin C and antioxidantsLemon juice (preferably organic) is used in the medium makeup. It fights skin dryness and wrinkles as well as damage caused by UV rays.

Drink lemonade

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How much lemon juice can you have in a day?

get benefit from Benefits of this citrus fruitJust squeeze half a lemon into a cup of water (between 230 and 300 ml). To properly extract the vitamin C present in the fruit, it is best to use hot water. Lemon slices can also be used to prepare this drink.

In addition, consuming lemon juice every day can have negative effects on the body’s ability to absorb iron. It can also damage tooth enamel over time.

What is the best time to drink lemonade?

on an empty stomach breakfast or diluted in water to drink in the evening or throughout the day, Lemon juice is consumed It can be done in different ways.

In general, the body becomes dehydrated upon waking. This is why many followers prefer consuming lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning. This healthy gesture makes it possible to start the day energized and well hydrated. In this case, you have the option of eating raw lemon according to your preference. It is also not mandatory to drink it on an empty stomach before enjoying these benefits.

Lemon is made of 89% water. So it’s a very good way to hydrate before bed. This helps you enjoy its many benefits throughout the night as well as when you wake up.

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