Everyone will see Telegram stories, but only Premium users can post them

Last June, we We heard about it Access Stories on Telegram. According to CEO Pavel Durov, users “been asking for yearsThis feature, they get what they want. But it is reserved for Premium users.

Completely free Telegram users won’t be banned from Stories, but they won’t be able to share such posts. If users don’t want to pay for a feature they already have on Facebook and Instagram, for example, they’ll still be able to see Stories posts, but that’s about it. Anyone who wants to share a story will have to go through the Premium box, ie underscore 9to5Mac.

Also, CEO Pavel Durov back in detail On Telegram’s financial difficulties. announces that the company issued “Almost $270 million in Telegram bonds“, from which Durov personally bought”about a quarter“,”With an investment of tens of millions»:

Every day, more than 2.5 million new users sign up for Telegram and at the beginning of this year we passed 800 million monthly active users. We are happy and grateful, even if this explosive growth also means more spending on storage and traffic to serve our users. […] Although Telegram is not yet profitable (which will be impossible to achieve in its second year of monetization), Telegram is closer to profitability in absolute numbers than competitors like Twitter and Snap.

If I pay, what do I get?

Last June, Telegram stories were introduced according to six main points: privacy, compact interface, flexibility, captions, dual camera support, and optional demise.

When it comes to privacy, Telegram offers users some flexibility by letting them choose who can see their stories: the options are Everyone, Only Your Contacts (with exceptions), A Few Selected Contacts, or Close Friends List. Compact UI is all about compactness and visual aesthetics, with the feature said to be designed in a way that it doesn’t “take up a lot of space”.

Flexibility: Hide stories from contacts you’re not interested in. Users can add more context (or links, or tags) by providing captions in stories. Dual camera support is a nice feature:We add the ability to post photos and videos captured by the front and back cameras simultaneouslyDurov says.

Finally, “Optional Demise”: Users choose the default life of the story: 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours – or “View stories permanently on your profile page, with individual privacy settings for eachDurov says.

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