Exercising while having fun

Are you a fan of sports and round ball? you wish physically eliminate And you’re wondering if PockyBall is even effective? Know that Engage in physical activity with PockyBall completely maybe. you all AdultAnd teenager or young child And you need a concept to moves better? Ito Pockyball for you.

What is Pockyball?

Pocky Ball is a sports gameif and cheerful.

It allows its user to engage in physical and enjoyable activity.

To do this, simply attach the Pocky Ball clip to your belt and pull the retractable cord to the desired height.

This unique and trademarked game is functional and easy to use, but above all very accessible.

It makes it possible to restore children’s taste for playing sports while they find joy in it.

Thanks to its safety perimeter, nothing will be broken, and thanks to the anti-shock / anti-tracking ball, this will allow users to play both indoors and outdoors.

Tip: Keep zips close at hand for freestyle swimming.

PockyBall is made of foam and nylon string.

The color red is specific to the athletic and sexual aspect. You can also find it in black or gold.

Wire size: 70 cm

Fight the harmful effects of screens

On average, a child under the age of 8 spends 2 hours and 19 days in front of a screen per day. TV and video games occupy a large part of this time.

Physical exercise and sports fight against

    • Icardiovascular diseases,
    • sleep problemsรป screens.

Having something on hand like a pokeball is the right way to combat the sedentary lifestyle accentuated by confinement and health crisis. In addition to being usable anywhere and at any time of the day. This small, round and hanging object will allow you to have fun for a while. Do a series of repetitive maneuvers without having to run after the ball, it’s real fun. Authorized children in schools and playgrounds can have fun with each other by performing as characters, each crazier than the next.

Portable punching bag

She’s not afraid of getting kicked by this little foam ball.

A real way to relieve stress when one gets upset from a stressful day’s work. The pokeball will always come back at you from the inside of the foot, the outside of the foot, and even a big spike for a bounce back to the head, nose, or back!

It gives me great pleasure to take it. as much as A sports coach at his home in LilleAnd I use it in my spare time Enjoy, relax and laugh with my friends during friendly and sports times..

If you don’t have it yet, it’s available here: A small ball

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