Favorite new and used Dacia models in 2023

You want to buy a new car and the Dacia brand interests you. The Romanian car manufacturer and subsidiary of the Renault Group has enjoyed impressive success over the past few decades. Sales continued to grow and the models they released became more and more interesting. Dacia Duster, Sandero or Spring are now among the favorites of French motorists. Here we will focus on the brand’s cars. Focus on our favorite new and used Dacia models.

Dacia, a car manufacturer that offers reliable and affordable models

Following the acquisition of Dacia by the Renault Group in 1999, the brand’s ambition was to offer reliable, high-performance cars at an unbeatable price. With this brand, a low price does not necessarily mean a lack of quality or reliability. In reality, Dacia stands out today At the right price for its models, whether new or used. by going to a Renault and Dacia distributorYou will quickly realize that. This is also one of the reasons why motorists choose Dacia. It’s the guarantee of owning a new modern design car on a shoestring budget. Of course, cars don’t have everything, but they do have the essentials. Drivers who are just looking for the basics will appreciate it (optimal handling, well-designed and comfortable interior).

In general, Dacia vehicles are reliable and have strong bodies. It’s comfortable, spacious, and practical while being functional. These are the strengths of the steering wheel feel. It delivers optimal power, with a powerful engine, whether driving around town or in the suburbs. Dacia cars have a satisfactory braking system, with suspensions that absorb shocks perfectly. Moreover, it is possible that Dacia car customization By adding additional options. This is one of the main advantages of buying a new car.

Dacia sandero front

Some of our favorite Dacia models, new and used

Before 1999, when Dacia merged with the Renault group, it marked the launch of several models such as:

  • 1100,
  • 1310,
  • 1300,
  • 1410 pickup,
  • 1410 Sports,
  • D6,
  • 500,
  • 2000,
  • 1320,
  • solenza,
  • nova
  • Logan Pickup.

Dacia Logan is the first model launched by the brand after its merger. she Offered in station wagon version, utility and 5-door, with 5 or 7 seats. Then came Duster, one of the brand’s successful models. Currently, the most popular Dacia models are: Sandero, Logan, Spring, Duster and Jogger. Below are our favorite models from the brand in detail.

Dacia Sandero

Sandero is a model of high performance, design and versatility. Of course, it is sold at a low price. There we find the essentials of the brand, with a modern design, with a very satisfactory quality / price ratio. With its length of 4.02 meters, it looks good and the passenger compartment is very comfortable. Its trunk makes it 320 liters An ideal vehicle for families who often go away for the weekend.

Dacia spring

Are you looking for an electric car at an affordable price? Dacia Spring may be for you. It is one of the most popular models of the brand thanks to its versatility, performance and modern design. Moreover, it is New generation carN who deserves a place next to him 100% electric city cars major manufacturers. This five-door car has a very good range of 200 km.

dacia duster

Dacia Duster is the first choice if you want a beautiful car at an amazingly low price! Released in 2010, this beautiful SUV seduces many buyers with its modern line, but above all its extremely low price. In its 4×4 version, the Duster has very good crossover capabilities. It is stylish, comfortable and sturdy, and can be very suitable for day trips as well as for special occasions.

Advantages of buying a Dacia car

As we said earlier, Dacia cars are very affordable. This is one of the brand’s challenges and to do so they removed all the unnecessary elements. Thus, ride quality, durability and comfort are at your doorstep. This is also one of the advantages that make it Attractive Dacia vehicles. In fact, it’s perfect for drivers who don’t appreciate flashy bling. If you find a used car, you will find several models on the market to choose from. It is still possible to get a new car for a very affordable price.

Moreover, in addition to their attractive price, Dacia cars offer great performance. In addition, it has a spacious and comfortable interior, with very good road behavior. Which makes it an ideal vehicle for families looking Nice car for the holidays and daily travel. Of course, Duster is not the most equipped car, but we find the essentials there. Among the onboard equipment are LED headlights, a speed limiter, a Bluetooth car radio, and the usual safety features such as emergency braking.

How do you find the perfect Dacia model for your lifestyle?

As with all car brands, you must first set up your profile to find the corresponding car. Do you have a family or are you a couple without children? The comfort and size of the car depends on this. Same for long trips, for holidays for example. You also need to consider other factors, including budget. In addition to the purchase price of the vehicle, additional costs must also be taken into account, Expenses to be paid by the car In the long term, such as:

  • fuel,
  • insurance,
  • maintenance costs,
  • Situation.

These costs can vary from one car model to another, as well as the calculations. Go to the best-selling models of the brand to take advantage of the best quality / price ratio. If you especially like city cars, Turn to Dacia Sandero. For families, the Logan and Lodgy models are suitable for day trips as well as for family vacations. For drivers looking for a dynamic and versatile vehicle, the Dacia Duster is a very good choice.

New Dacia Electric

Dacia car maintenance tips

Dacia is a solid car overall. You won’t have any major problems with your car, especially if you take good care of it. First, the basic maintenance that you have to do regularly, It’s emptying. Indeed, if the oil is not changed in time, your engine will become clogged and risk deterioration. In fact, poor-quality or dirty oil will cause engine-threatening friction. You should refer to the instructions in your vehicle’s maintenance manual for how often to change the oil.

What did you buy New or used DaciaMaintaining your vehicle also includes regular repairs. Also on this point, you are invited to strictly respect the indications given in the maintenance manual. Finally, you should also pay attention to how you drive your car, respecting speed limits, for example. Take the time to thoroughly clean your car to take care of the bodywork.

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