Google Authenticator adds cloud sync for your 2FA codes

Google Authenticator responds to a long standing request. Google Authenticator It used to be a popular choice for using two-factor authentication codes on mobile devices, but apps like Authy and 1Password are much better options today. Google is trying to remedy this situation by fixing the main limitation of the Authenticator app.

Google Authenticator does not support syncing to a file clouds, so setting up two-factor authentication codes on multiple devices requires scanning them on each device (although codes can be relayed), and losing a device can be catastrophic. This limitation has led to popular alternatives such as Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, and 1Password, all of which have additional features not found in the Google app. Google hasn’t done much work on the authenticator in recent years either, with 2FA popups becoming the recommended option for most accounts.

suddenly , Google just announced Redesigned Authenticator app, with cloud sync support and a new icon. The two-factor codes are now saved to your Google account, which, according to the company, ” It means that users are better protected from being locked out and services can rely on users retaining access, which increases convenience and security. The app also features an all-new icon, which replaces the safe’s design with a multicolored asterisk.

synchronization incloudsCertainly a necessity, especially in a world where smartphones can be easily lost or stolen, but Authenticator probably wouldn’t be the most secure option. Google accounts still rely on the password and a number of two-factor methods, including SMS 2FA, while alternatives like 1Password test for no passwords at all.

Google offers several secure authentication options, such as Google Password Manager, Google Sign-In, and USB Drives, in conjunction with industry partners and the FIDO Alliance. These options provide users with convenience and security when logging into websites and applications.

Good news for users

One of the main issues we’ve heard from users over the years is the complexity of managing lost or stolen devices with Google Authenticator installed.Google’s Christian Brand explains in a blog post. “Since one-time Authenticator tokens are only stored on one device, the loss of that device meant that users lost the ability to sign in to any services they configured the 2 FAs to use from the Authenticator.”With this update, we are rolling out a solution to this issue, making one-time-use codes more durable by storing them securely in users’ Google Accounts.Brand wrote. “This change means that users are better protected from lockouts and services can rely on users retaining access, which increases convenience and security.“.

To enable cloud syncing of two-factor codes, You need to update to the latest version of the Authenticator app for Android and iOS. google offers Support page which details this feature and confirms that “If you’re signed into your Google Account in Google Authenticator, the codes are automatically backed up and restored to any new device you’re using.“.

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