How do you design a good podcast?

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A podcast, a medium of audio communication, turns out to be a powerful marketing tool, when you master the basics. These recordings can sometimes be the chosen medium for some e-learning courses. You can also surf the wave, create your show, and become a podcaster. How do you design, build, and then promote your podcast?

How do you design a good podcast?

A good podcast is first and foremost a topic you are passionate about. It also seems necessary to anticipate posting. You should organize your podcasts in an appropriate manner. This makes it easier to move and maintain your community.

Various shapes are possible. Choose the format that best suits your theme. Thus, you can do an interview, debate, critique, comic strip…

Adapt your way of expressing yourself to your goal. Expectations will not be the same between digital natives And the elderly, for example. In any case, stand out with your uniqueness. Above all, stay true!

Writing a script for each episode will reduce the risk of straying from the topic. To make sure you’re as natural as possible, avoid writing your entire podcast. In order to improve your podcast being referred by Google, remember to provide your keywords regularly.

How is it implemented?

Before creating your first podcast, you should already have a website, blog, or platform. You will be able to stream your podcasts there. Make sure your episode list is up to date. RSS link 2 redirects Internet users to the corresponding episode. Be clear and concise in your titles, so your audience can easily identify your programs.

On a hardware level, to create your own podcast, a microphone and recording software are required. Mixing software can also be helpful. This allows you to add intro music… Please note that some music tracks are subject to copyright. To avoid taking risks, feel free to search for royalty-free music on audio banks, such as Uppbeat, Auboutdufil, or Unminus. These songs are free to download. The same introductory music throughout your episodes will allow listeners to easily identify you.

In order to be able to reach listeners who do not have an RSS feed reader, having a player is effective. This causes the file to be read immediately.

No need to invest in fancy hardware if you just want to share your shows for fun. On the other hand, choose your microphone to eliminate annoying noises or vocal parasites. To get started, you can use, for example, a USB headset.

For recording, an MP3 file with a bit rate of 128 kbps is sufficient. Go to 192 kbps if you include music. Don’t forget to save the original file before making changes to it using the audio editor. Then erase the unnecessary and static spaces.

How do you ensure effective promotion?

To upload your podcast, you need to create a standard RSS feed. The easiest way is to use the services of a podcast host.

To ensure adequate airtime for your show, publish it to iTunes and Youtube. Make sure the download links are well marked.

Next, different methods allow for effective promotion. First of all, feel free to talk about the project to your loved ones. Elaborate on the different aspects so that they can become your best ambassadors.

Don’t forget to inform your community on social networks. This increases the number of views and maintains direct contact with the listeners. Connect with bloggers of your topic. They will be able to refer to your programs in their articles.

You can also intervene on community sites or forums. Make sure your profile is updated.

To launch an activity or group of products, a podcast contributes fully to a Digital marketing strategy.

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