How do you entice digital natives?

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The term “digital natives” refers to people born between 1995 and the mid-2000s. And these young people belong to Generation Z. Having grown up on touch screens and mobile internet, they are of course very connected. Their requirements and obligations also set them apart. To reach this goal, there are some good marketing practices to know.

Best practices for a highly connected generation

be brief

Most of the digital natives They know how to use a computer and smartphone since they were babies. They are used to doing everything immaterially. Because of their digital habits, this Generation Z He has a systematic need for immediacy.

Therefore, the editorial content should be more concise than the previous generation (Generation Y). These guys actually go faster: 8 seconds later, on average. To reach this goal, brands need to be able to get their message across very quickly.

Be present on digital natives’ favorite social networks

Generation Z is very active on social media. These guys love posts, comment on them, share them…they follow pages. Rating and giving feedback are natural digital actions for them.

To reach this generation, it is essential for brands to be present on their favorite social networks. These are Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok…

Go through the influencers

To quickly gain notoriety among Gen Z, nothing like running through influencers. The influencers are the same digital natives. Thus, young audiences identify with them more easily. Placing a product in an influencer post has tens of thousands of likes followers So it will be very effective in achieving that goal.

Consider the participation of digital natives

It cannot be denied that the new generation is more aware of environmental issues than its elders. Social and cultural responsibility is also an important value. For this generation to notice, the company must have inclusive (respecting diversity and gender), ethical and environmental behavior.

Be real. You have to show these guys real proof of your work corporate social responsibility approach (Corporate Social Responsibility)…

Consider their requirements

the digital natives More economical than the previous generation. They consult with an average of three sources before making a purchase. So it is best to practice fidelity regarding the price, or even the rarity of the product.

Claiming that an item, for example, is unique will have particularly bad consequences for the brand if it is not true. In fact, this generation does not hesitate to denounce some abusive practices on the Internet. The brand can then lose all credibility.

Also, most Gen Zers often, if not always, check online reviews before purchasing a product. So be sure to encourage consumers to leave reviews of your products. Above all, always respond to a negative review in a polite manner.

These guys are not easy to convince with ads. The complete absence of negative reviews (amongst a large number of reviews) may mean that these reviews are simply deleted. On the contrary, by answering them, you show how much you are available to your customers. It is a good way to gain their trust.

More than the previous generation, these young people love to show their individuality. Thus, products that are customizable or tailor-made are more successful with this goal.

Moreover, the digital natives curious. They love to discover new experiences. This is why video content is popular with this audience.

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