How do you manage your emotions when facing a difficult boss?

Well at work

Some bosses unfortunately enjoy pushing their employees to the limits. Others don’t realize it. Either way, there are ways to stop wasting your energy around a difficult boss. For your well-being at work, it seems imperative that you learn how to manage this type of relationship. Thus, you must regain your confidence, detach from his words, and always communicate with him in a non-violent manner.

Get your confidence back

Refocus on yourself

If your difficult boss has really drained you of energy, you need to take the time to refocus on yourself. For this, give yourself moments of relaxation just for you. Choose the most effective method, depending on what you want.

A simple walk in the woods will allow you to recharge your batteries. You can also confide in a positive person, treat yourself, meditate, exercise… The endorphins released during a sports session help you calm down. This is more useful if it is an outdoor activity.

Natural light and sun exposure actually triggers the release of vitamin D and melatonin. These molecules have a positive effect on mood and the proper functioning of your biological clock.

Boost your confidence

To regain control, it is important to develop Trust in you. Start planting positive thinking. In the face of difficult situations, it is about thinking optimistically, repeating positive thoughts to yourself.

Likewise, when you receive criticism, instead of ruminating on it all day, instead remember the times you were praised or thanked. By acting in this way, you are positively modifying the perception of the situation, of others and of yourself.

Give yourself room for error and remember your past successes. Get to know yourself better so you can love us more. Don’t try to look like others. Accept your differences.

By increasing your self-confidence, you will be better able to not be intimidated by an authoritarian boss. And you will gradually earn his respect.

Separate yourself from your difficult boss

Minimize your interactions with a difficult boss, if possible. Limit the time you spend with him and the conversations. Above all, make sure that the latter no longer consumes your energy. Breaking the silence and expressing your feelings to a positive person around you is the first step to not being put off by your difficult boss’s words.

When he just spits out his poison, separate yourself from the words you hear. Do listen carefully. Give short answers (“yes”, “I see”…) and let your mind run wild. Think of something else (your evening, your weekend…).

If you control yourself enough, you will be able to continue being around this person without them hurting you. By not taking his criticism personally, you are taking away his power to judge you.

Always communicate with your difficult boss in a non-violent manner

For your own well-being, it is very important that you do not get angry with your boss’s difficult behavior. Perhaps explaining your point of view to this type of person is unnecessary. You will lose more energy. Hence, this would backfire. Besides, it would only strengthen his position.

anger and pressure It is self destructive. So it seems necessaryLearn to manage your emotions.

This will make it easier to practice Nonviolent communication. Then any admonition or even advice is prohibited. You simply and clearly express your feelings, needs and desires.

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