How to make coffee without a coffee maker?

The main benefit of technology is to make our lives easier. Nowadays, to brew coffee, all you have to do is pop in a capsule, press a button, and you’re done. However, this is not the only method that exists. Yes, in simple ways, you can make great coffee without using a coffee maker.

Here are some very effective tips!

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Instant or instant coffee

It’s at the end of the 19thH century in which instant coffee was invented, and several years later it accounts for about 20% of worldwide consumption. When you know how simple and easy it is to make a cup of instant coffee, without a coffee maker, you understand why this cup is so popular.

It is actually soluble coffee that comes in the form of Coffee beans (dried) to which hot water is simply added to get a cup.

Although very convenient, soluble coffee has some drawbacks. It lacks freshness when consumed, which may disappoint coffee connoisseurs. In addition, its acrylamide content is twice that of fresh coffee, which is not good for your health.

Make coffee using a coffee dripper or a coffee filter

Better known as a portafilter holder, a coffee funnel or dripper is an excellent tool for making good old fashioned coffee. As with many effective tricks for cafeambience.frthe principle is simple and the result is excellent: it consists in making coffee from an electric coffee maker precisely without the use of this coffee maker.

For this preparation, you will need ground coffee and a cup (or mug) that supports boiling water. You will also need a filter holder and a paper filter (similar to a classic coffee maker).

Place the paper filter on the filter holder, which you will then place on your cup. Then put the ground coffee inside the paper filter, and gradually pour boiling water into it By making circular motions in order to moisten all the coffee and water it well. Wait a few seconds for your coffee to drip completely into the cup, and you’ll get the same result as an electric coffee maker.

It would be ideal to have a file Silicone filter holder, For several reasons. Silicone is a malleable material, so it allows for better storage and makes it easier to transport. Also, it is more economical. Its structure allows it to act as a funnel, and it can be placed on all surfaces, without having to purchase a container with a narrow spout.

Greek or Turkish coffee

It is also called coffee ʺGreek styleʺcoffee ʺTurkish styleʺ It is the main coffee consumed in the Near East, Eastern Europe, and North Africa. The utensils used in its preparation derive from oriental culture.

You will need a small copper bowl. There are pans specifically designed for this purpose, but if you can’t find them, you can use any small copper pot. You will also need very finely ground coffee, as it should be partially dissolved in the water.

Coffee without a coffee maker

how do i do it Put ground coffee and cold water into the pot. Put it on the fire and wait until the water starts to boil, stirring regularly with a spoon. You should definitely remove the pan from the heat before boiling. It is best to do this when the coffee starts to foam. And he jumped! Your coffee is ready to enjoy, and you’ll enjoy it even more by sucking it in, because you’ll avoid swallowing the coffee grounds left at the bottom.

The main benefit of coffee ʺTurkish styleʺ is that they require very little equipment to prepare, and that they taste very good. Its disadvantage is that preparation takes a long time. Also, it is essential to drink coffee by avoiding swallowing the remaining amount.

Cold drink coffee

This method is perhaps the least known of all, but it is very effective. term ʺinfusionʺ First on board means that this trick takes longer than its predecessors.

For this preparation you will need ground coffee beans, a fine paper filter, neutral water, a funnel and a bowl (you will easily find containers designed specifically for cold infusion).

how do i do it Take the ground coffee that you are going to put in the pot water and stir the mixture. The correct dose is about 125 grams of coffee per liter of water. The mixture should remain undisturbed, covered, for at least 12 hours. So it is better to do it the day before. When the time is up, place the filter and funnel over your cup, pour in your mix, and it’s already ready to be consumed.

Good to know : You can make hot or cold infusion as per your convenience. However, cold brewing yields a better result than hot brewing, because boiling water can reduce the flavor of the coffee. In reality, Some coffee components such as ketones, amides, and esters are released under the influence of hot water, and this affects the flavor of the coffee. On the other hand, cold brewing yields aromatic and flavorful coffee, without releasing unwanted ingredients.

This technology is very easy to use, it requires a small financial investment, and the result is additional. The only downside is that it takes a long time. It’s best to do it the day before so you’ll have a good-flavored coffee when you wake up.


As you know by now, it is easier to make good coffee without a coffee maker. Each of the four tips described above is within everyone’s reach. With basic equipment, you can get excellent coffee, both sweet and aromatic, without any particular effort.

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