I tested Arlo Nomad in New York

I left for two and a half days in New York one weekend at the beginning of June, it was an early birthday present, and I chose as a self-giving gift: alone time. So I chose New York, and it’s just that 4 hours by train from Boston.

I made up my mind at the beginning of the year, when I was in the trenches of Boston winter and the beginnings of a fondness for the “martyr mother,” a role I didn’t want to fit into, you know, the mother who sacrifices everything for her child?

I needed one breakBut I didn’t know how to do that. Then I spoke with another mom I met almost every Saturday morning at the coffee shop where we have our Saturday morning habits (bread + coffee). For once, she was on her own, her two sons and a boyfriend would come over a little later, she needed time alone to make a phone call. She had just returned from three days in Puerto Rico, on a solo vacation. “I waited 5 years to do this, I should have done it sooner.” I asked her if it wasn’t so difficult for her to leave her children. “It’s not easy to make up your mind, but once you do…it’s easier to do.” And it was only three days.

So the idea arose for me… I didn’t want to tell myself “I should have done it earlier?” and wait until the end of the line. In the days that followed, I told myself I also needed some time alone, to breathe, and ask myself, I don’t think of anything but myself.

When you live abroad, child care support options are very limited and expensive. I discussed it with my partner and parents (alias Manu) and it started: I bought train tickets, 6 months ago. Not daring to write it down in my diary, I told myself that there could always be something unexpected at the last minute.

And I searched for a file the hotel. I went to see the Instagram side of Samantha And MarjorieWho often travel to beautiful places. Stop leaving not too long and not too much, You may well do that. So I came across Arlo Nomadwhich met several criteria:

  • Being close to Penn Station (where I will be arriving)
  • For a great view of the city, just in case I wanted to stay in my room, I didn’t want to see an “alley with trash cans”.

I booked a room with a queen size bed and a “sky” view of the beautiful view, and was not disappointed.

The room is small, the bed is very comfortable. The positive point of this hotel is also the negative point: the location. We are in the city center, i.e. in the heart of many tourist activities. I walked to a show on Broadway one night and walked to the top of the Empire State Building which is a block away, it’s very convenient…but not “nice” if you’re looking for a nice little neighborhood where the locals live. For the two nights I stayed it was perfect.

If you want to book this hotel, use this link: Arlo Nomadit’s a Booking affiliate link, I’ll get commission on the sale, it won’t cost you more, and it will keep this blog alive.

Arlo Nomad Mathilde 3
Rooftop with view of the Empire State Building
Arlo Nomad Mathilde 4
Ready to walk for miles in over 30 degrees Celsius!
Arlo Nomad Mathilde 5
End of the day watching the storm from my room

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