Install and use additional Gedit color themes

Gedit is one of the most popular text editors in the Linux world. It is basically a text editor however With some modificationsYou can also use it for programming.

Now, programmers often prefer a darker theme and Gedit is no stranger to that. It comes with a bunch of themes to choose from.

However, if you are not satisfied with it, you can also install third-party color schemes. If you wish, you can create your own color scheme to make it completely unique.

Let me show you how to change the default Gedit theme first, and then I’ll share how you can install additional third-party themes.

Change the default Gedit theme

As I mentioned earlier, Gedit comes with some of its own color schemes. You can easily switch to them.

Go to the top right hamburger menu and select Preferences.

Select Preferences from the top-right hamburger menu
Select Preferences

Now, go to the Fonts & Color Tab.

Select the Fonts and Colors tab in the Preferences section to change the colors

From there, you can change the color scheme. You can see what all of these color schemes look like in the screenshots below.

Don’t like what you see? Let’s explore external Gedit topics.

Install third-party color schemes

You need to download the required color scheme files from the internet first and then add them to Gedit from the preferences or put them in the .local/share/gedit/styles folder.

Step 1: Download the color scheme files

Third-party Gedit themes are available in various GitHub repositories. For your convenience, I am listing some repositories where you can find a lot of schema files.

In the above repositories you can find XML files. Open and download the theme XML files using the Save the file as raw data option, as shown below.

Download the XML files for Gedit themes

Step 2: Install the individual theme files

If you have manually selected some theme files, you can install them one by one using Gedit’s add-on planner feature. For this, open a file Preferences > Fonts and Colors Unpaid bill. Now, click on the “+” symbol at the bottom left:

Click on "+" Sign in to the Fonts and Colors page to add individual XML files
Add an individual chart file

From the resulting file browser, select the downloaded theme file and click OK.

"neon"which is a newly installed theme
Newly installed theme

This theme will now be visible in the same Fonts and Colors tab, and you can toggle it on by clicking on it.

Alternative step 2: Bulk install themes

Did you download a GitHub repo full of themes? Then it is not convenient to install themes one by one. Don’t worry; Gedit has colorful theme guides that can be used for bulk installs.

You have to copy and paste all the xml files in .local/share/gedit/styles.

Then you will get a thumbnail of all the themes on a file Fonts and colors Unpaid bill.

The Fonts and Colors tab will list all user-installed third-party themes available to toggle
Multiple third-party themes at Gedit

If not there patterns directory, create one. Now, the themes will be available for that specific user.


In Linux Mint, you can copy XML files to /usr/share/gtksourceview-3.0 directory, which will be available for both Gedit and Xed editor.

Remove the Gedit theme

If you do not like some features, you can delete these files from the site. Or go to the Fonts and Colors section. Now select the topic you want to delete and hit the “-” sign at the bottom left.

Select the topic you want to remove from the list and press "-" button
Select the topic and press the “-” button.

This will delete the set color scheme.

Some good looking Gedit themes

The screenshots below offer some suggestions on my part.

black board

Blackboard (Gmit)
Blackboard (Gmit)


Catpotcin Gedit is them dark, fine if you are using any similar GTK theme.

Cappuccino macchiato

low light

Lowlight theme from gmate
Lowlight (gmate)


midnight (gmt)
midnight (gmt)


Monakai (Gamet)
Monakai (Gamet)


Neopro theme from gmate
Neupro (JMET)

Plastic code cover

Plastic wrap icon theme from gmate
Code plastic wrap (Jmit)


slate (gemmet)
slate (gemmet)

Vibrant fun

vibrant fun (gmate/mig)
Vibrant fun (Mig/gmate)

You can get more topics by searching on github themes and warehouses.

More Gedit tweaks

This is just one of many Ways you can modify Gedit. Here’s more for you to explore.

10 modifications to Supercharge Gedit as a code editor

Gedit is a good text editor. Turn it into a good code editor with these tips, tricks, and tweaks.

Enjoy Gedit with more colors 🙂

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