Introduction to video games! How to start a painting in hand!

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Do you want to start playing video games? Here is a tutorial for beginners!

There is no age to discover video games. There is no shame in playing at 30, 40, 50 or even 99! Do you see more and more of your loved ones around you playing video games? Want to try and get started? You will see that it is frankly not complicated, especially since video games are much more accessible than before. I offer you a little tutorial, for an introduction to video games. Obviously if you have epilepsy problems do not play video games, consult your doctor beforehand.

The first question to ask

What is your style of video game?

And yes, you have to choose well in the face of many types of video games. It would be a shame to buy a game you don’t like from the start. For example, if you like car games, the Forza Horizon saga can be a good introduction!

If your genre is platform-type video games, you’d better start with 2D Super Mario or Sonic. Start by mastering the handy game board in 2D before moving on to 3D. Sonic Origins and New Super Mario U are good practical cases for learning about platforming in two dimensions. Then you can go into 3D with Super Mario Odyssey for example. It’s easy to learn.

Your thing is action/adventure games? Rebooting the Tomb Raider saga but also Uncharted 4 without forgetting the various Assassin’s Creed are excellent games for an introduction to video games, in fact, they often have an easy mode.

Do you want to get into shooting games? Star Wars Battlefront 2, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Far Cry 5 and 6, the Call Of Duty saga, and Halo (in single player mode) can be a great introduction to FPS, and they also have an easy mode for beginners. Start shooting games with the single player mode, it’s a good practice before moving on to the multiplayer mode!

Want to get started in open-world video games? If you like spaghetti western, play the Red Dead Redemption saga in single player mode, it is an excellent introduction to this style of play. In the same type of open world game, you have GTA IV, GTA VAnd The Witcher 3 and Watch Dogs. On Nintendo it’s obviously going to be Zelda Breath of the Wild!

If you like sports games, then for the football game you will necessarily have to go through the FIFA chest and for basketball it will be the NBA 2k saga, no doubt about that. For these games you often have to go through the training box, but some of them also have a complete tutorial

For fighting games, they all have the same logic. The core gameplay is simple for beginners but mostly progressive for fighting perfection in the game. In short, thanks to the training, you will go from beginner to pro in fighting games. For fighting video games, I recommend Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, and the Tekken saga.

For party/casual gamers, this one’s on Nintendo Switch! Between Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Nintendo Switch Sports, 1-2 Switch…

What console to start playing video games?

Honestly, if you’re new to video games and want to get started, there’s no reason to drop a ton of cash. Classic Nintendo Switch Nintendo will pretty much do the trick, you can play it outside and at home. At Sony, take the Playstation3 or Playstation 4 second hand. This will be more than enough to get your hands dirty. On Xbox, Xbox 360 or Xbox One will pretty much do the job! It would be ridiculous to drop 500 or even 600 euros if you don’t like video games. I advise you not to play on PC to begin with. In fact, you have to install games, adjust various parameters, and play with mouse keyboard :-/. Nothing beats a used (or new) video game console to get you started! It’s simple intuitive and we play right away! Also, remember to choose a gamepad that is suitable for the size of your hands! There are niche brands that offer smaller consoles!

Configure the game console correctly!

Obviously, you plug in your video game console, turn it on, and go through the update box so that your console has the latest features. Then you have to create your gamer profile in either Playstation Xbox or Nintendo. Prefer a pseudonym, do not fill in your first and last name in order to preserve your anonymity. When creating the account, you will need to enter a valid email address, and sometimes a mobile phone number. Choose a strong password when creating your gamer profile on your console. It’s basically a password with at least 8 characters, with a capital letter, a number, and a symbol. Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know unless you’ve played together before and had a great time! Obviously considering taking breaks during gaming sessions. Ideally, 30 minutes of rest during a two-hour gaming session.

What to remember to start video games!

First choose the style of play you like! Then buy yourself a cheap, used or new video game console. Verify that your video game is compatible with your console, and get advice from a professional if necessary. Once you get home, plug in your console, do the mandatory updates, create your profile, and have fun 🙂

Feel free to contact me if you need advice, I will gladly answer 😉

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