iOS feature on Galaxy S21 & S22?

The iOS-inspired feature to Cut out the subjects of the image automatically Now available on One UI 5.1. However, this technology is only found on the latest Galaxy S23. according to According to several sources, it is possible that it will be launched on other Galaxy S22 and S21 phones in the near future.

Samsung One UI 5.1: iOS feature on Galaxy S21 & S22?

New feature integration in Samsung Galaxy S23

One of the highlights of the latest software update One UI 5.1, is its ability to automatically crop the subject of the photo. This functionality, previously available in apps, can now be accessed directly in phone camera. With this system, users can easily create photo montages without the need to use external tools. This represents a huge advantage in terms of practicality and time saving.

Moreover, this new feature is only available in Samsung Galaxy S23 phone. However, Samsung has recently made this system available for many older models. This allows you to cut off the smartphone’s charge during use to avoid overheating. So that could be it Automatic cutting technology May be extended to other models in the future.

Updates on the horizon for Galaxy S22 and S21

according to the information disclosed Tech_ReveSamsung plans to publish the auto cut feature on Galaxy S21 and S22 from April. Other leaks from Garion Hanalso states that this system will be available on a wider range of phones including:

  • Galaxy S20, S21, S22;
  • Note 20;
  • Z Fold 4, 3, 2 and Z Flip.

Besides, the upcoming update from Samsung in April should also fix a security vulnerability on Galaxy S22 is equipped with Exynos. In fact, hackers are exploiting this flaw to take control of the phone remotely. This update should enhance the security of smartphones. In addition, the brand plans to make improvements to Galaxy S23 camera.

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