Is the autonomy of the Apple Reality Pro mixed reality headset limited to two hours?

According to unofficial sources, it appears that Apple’s mixed reality headset can only be used for a maximum of two hours before needing to be recharged. However, Apple had offered a solution by making it easy to replace helmet batteries, like the camera.

Is the autonomy of the Apple Reality Pro mixed reality headset limited to two hours?

With Apple’s WWDC approaching, rumors are swirling about the brand’s mixed reality headset. According to the latest information reported by the journalist Mark Gorman to bloomberg And 9 terabytesThe connection of the headphones and their battery management seem to be very special.

The future Apple headphones will be equipped with USB-C and MagSafe ports

according to Mark Gormanfuture Apple headphones will be equipped with Two different types of ports. The first port will be a USB-C port that transfers data between a headset and a file mac or one computer. This new feature indicates that adoption USB-C From Apple is becoming more and more popular. This is especially true of new products that are not directly related to iPhone (While waiting for iPhone 15).

The second port will be a magnetic connector, possibly called MagSafeas in macbook And iPhone. This port will allow users to connect external batteries to the headset.

An external battery to power the mixed reality headset

Using a headset may require the use of an external battery. This battery will be similar to the one already proposed iPhone charging by induction. It will give the headset up to 2 hours of battery life.

This design trick will allow Apple to create a very lightweight headset. However, it will oblige the user Keep a power bank nearby, in his pocket. The headphone and battery will be connected by a braided cable, which means the wire will be visible when the headphone is in use.

This option can allow the battery to be easily changed to increase the life of the helmet. In fact, the estimated autonomy would only be two hours due to the use of the Apple M2 chip and the 4K screens that consume a lot of energy. So it may be necessary Replace the batteries regularlyas it often happens with cameras.

Remember that this Apple headset can be presented at WWDC on Next June 5th. It may exceed its introductory price 3000 Dollars.

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