It is possible to stay in shape after returning from vacation!

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Your vacation has allowed you to recover both physically and mentally. Away from the stress of a busy schedule, I was able to disconnect, rest, and enjoy the sun. You want to keep these benefits for as long as possible after you return to work. How do you stay in good shape? How do you maintain your good mood? What are the correct reactions to its adoption?

How do you keep fit after returning from vacation?

Above all, get it out of your head that when you return from vacation, you will have to make up for any delays you may have while on vacation. It is better to prefer a smooth return. Now is not the time to work overtime.

Make sure to prioritize the tasks that need to be done upon return, according to the degree of urgency. This means that you give yourself more time to do certain tasks, while you nail them into your schedule. Thus, you do not have to increase your usual pace of work, at the risk of losing all the benefits of your vacation.

And just because you’re no longer on vacation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have time for yourself. After each working day, it seems necessary to succeed in recovery. some hobbies Especially effective in decompression. Choose what suits you best. It could be doing sports, doing manual activity, reading, meditating, singing…

How do you maintain your good mood?

Admittedly, your office is far from the same as your vacation spot. However, there are very simple ways to make it more motivating.

Before you get back from vacation, take some time to create a board of inspirational photos of yourself. It can also be various quotes that you find particularly helpful. On your first day back at work, put this chart on your desk to get you motivated on a daily basis.

If you were not able to do this before you left on vacation, then when you return from vacation, start by tidying up your desk. Thus you will gain in efficiency and serenity. By giving yourself more space, you will make your workplace more pleasant.

Also, don’t wait until you have a vacation to leave your home. Walking is a simple and effective way to relax and clear your mind. On weekends, when the weather is nice, enjoy the natural light and sun. This contributes to the proper functioning of your biological clock. In addition, the vitamin D and melatonin you excrete in this way have a positive effect on your mood. Walking in the woods, all the senses are awake and thus allows you to put your fears into perspective.

What are the correct reactions to its adoption?

Long before bedtime, to help you fall asleep and improve your sleep quality, turn off screens, especially those rich in “blue” light (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Make sure you get enough physical activity outside of work, especially if you sit at a computer all day. Physical activity contributes to a healthy lifestyle. The release of endorphins helps you relax and reduce stress and anxiety levels.

For your physical and mental balance, eating in a balanced manner is essential. Make sure to eat fruits, vegetables and starches every day, not to mention a source of protein (meat, fish, eggs or legumes rich in vegetable protein).

Remember to drink enough water. To avoid cravings in the afternoon, take time for lunch.

Moreover, the positive thinking It can help you gain peace of mind. In the face of difficult situations, it is about thinking optimistically, repeating positive thoughts to yourself. This method greatly reduces your stress level.

Publication date: 01/03/2023

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