It will be difficult to use the iPhone for those coming from Android

Switching to a new smartphone operating system involves learning how it works, and if the user interface is not intuitive, this step can be very frustrating. Data shows that the number of Android users switching to iOS has increased dramatically, reaching the highest level in five years. However, according to New report Green Smartphones Comparison Service, Many new iOS users face a steep learning curve.

Android and iOS have different user interfaces, and based on Google searches, Android is more intuitive than Apple’s operating system. This means that Android smartphones are easier to use and navigate, while a new user may find it difficult to perform basic tasks on an iPhone.

In the US, iOS users often find it difficult to perform tasks like blocking someone or resetting their smartphone. Green smartphones found it 58% more iPhone users than Android users search Google to find directions for daily jobs and tasks.

84,000 iPhone users seek Google’s help to make screen recordings, while only 24,000 Android users need help with the same issue every month on average.

61,000 iPhone owners type the search term “how to factory reset” on Google each month, compared to 8,400 Android smartphone owners. Other tasks that are easier on Android than on iOS include recording a phone call, setting up voicemail, sharing location, deleting an app, transferring photos, updating the phone, and backing up the device.

The only two tasks that give new Android users more problems than new iPhone users are taking a screenshot and scanning a QR code.

Difference between the two operating systems 2

In all, iOS users make 358,000 Google searches each month to help with navigation and use of their smartphones, while Android users manage 226,000. It has a user-centric interface and most new users don’t need explicit instructions to use Android smartphones.

Since Android users outnumber iOS users, it can be assumed that although iPhones are difficult to use at first, once users get the hang of it, everything is fine. iOS.

Ultimately, both operating systems have their pros and cons. iPhones are supported for 5-6 years, and quality apps often arrive on iOS before Android. Android is more customizable and not restrictive, and some prefer the notification management system over iOS.

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