Microsoft Teams can make your chat list compact

Keep track of all your conversations Microsoft Teams It could be much easier soon Thanks for the new platform update. The videoconferencing giant has announced that it is working on an update that will allow users Managing their multiple conversations in a more organized and (hopefully) less stressful way.

However, this update could also increase stress levels for Teams users who want to have as few chats open as possible, or those who are plagued by countless notifications from groups or group chats to which they don’t contribute much.

simply titled List of condensed conversationsThis novelty appears on The official Microsoft 365 roadmap :”The new chat density setting will allow users to condense their chat list and make more chats visible on screen“.

This change is possible by Hide message previews, which leaves more room for the conversations themselves. Users who want to keep track of all their chats may find their account there, but those who want to preview messages sent from their contacts before opening a chat may feel anxious.

The update is listed as being in development as of this writing, but with an expected launch date of June 2023, users shouldn’t have to wait too long. Once launched, it will be available for Teams web and desktop users.

Other changes

This launch is the latest in a series of improvements to Teams in recent weeks, as the company strives to make its platform more useful and intuitive for users around the world. These include an improved dashboard display that the company says can help users quickly locate or find the content they’re looking for, put an end to annoying Ctrl+F searches, and scroll through lots of text to find a specific discussion that took place several days or even weeks ago.

Another recent change also allowed meeting attendees to change their display name to one of their choosing—provided it was appropriate, of course.

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