My new guide: Boston for the little ones

I am pleased to present my sixth self-published e-book on this blog: Boston Junior.

It’s a very special guide that I’ve been preparing for just over a year, it’s finally ready!

This guide is for parentsgrandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins, and friends who vacation in Boston or live in the capital of New England with a small child.

Taking a young child with you on a trip requires a little, if not a lot, of adjusting…

5 parts to explore:

  • Visiting Boston with Young Children: The basics, proper circuits, and tips for enjoying it as a family‚Ķ
  • outdoor activities: From stroller rides, from farms to zoos to beaches, without ever losing sight of the basics stadium And even a point about breastfeeding in public
  • Indoor activities: Play areas, kid-friendly museums, shows, kids’ swimming lessons, music lessons, or just great ideas for when it’s ugly outside
  • year in Boston: Because the program will not be the same between February, August or October
  • Good plans: Restaurants, cafes and shops suitable for children, as well as useful resources for parents who settle there

who am I ?

my name Mathilde BeatonI’ve lived in Boston for over ten years and have written numerous travel guides for Green Guide, hundreds of New England blog posts, and guided thousands of visitors on my guided tours of the Massachusetts capital.

I had a little girl in 2021 and I had to go over my basics for discovering the city as well as ways to enjoy it with the family… in a realistic way.

This book began with a list of activities written on a poster. The list gradually morphed into a series of ideas that I have organized and developed in this guide 70 pages kisa: I had a lot to share!

This guide is the guide I wanted to have in the early years with my daughter to simplify my life.

Why is this guide different?

  • Because she really is Toddlers from 0 to 3 years oldand that there For all tastes
  • Because everyone activities have been tested (And I say my experience…be it positive or a bit unsuccessful)
  • Because I have experience in this field: I have been living and writing in Boston for more than ten years
  • Because the evidence is factual and above all Unbound for parents.

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