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Sometimes I play games late after they’re released, which happened with Deliver Us The Moon, KeokeN Interactive. The game was originally released in 2018 on PC and in 2020 on consoles, but recently it got a boxed PlayStation 5 version from the Just For Games website. I actually had a first contact with the game before, and being a sci-fi and space fan, I knew I would appreciate it.

Deliver Us The Moon is a puzzle-adventure game in which you take on an astronaut responsible for returning to the Moon to revive the energy system that powers the Earth. In fact, we are in the near future, and the Earth has not had resources for a long time. The only way to power it is through a microwave transmission system from the Moon. On this satellite, helium-3 is present in abundance and can produce energy that our planet is so lacking. However, transmission will be stopped without reason and communications will be cut off.

Due to a lack of energy, all space programs have been halted, but a small group of scientists will still try to get you back to the moon to understand what happened, and retransmit the energy.

There are many things I enjoyed about Deliver Us The Moon. First, build the story. This is really my progression: you start on Earth, then on the lunar station and finally on the moon itself.

Next comes the soundtrack. If somewhat ecological, Sander van Zanten’s work feels right and promotes immersion in this organic, technologically advanced world, which is nonetheless empty and disturbing.

Finally, the very simple gameplay makes it possible not to be burdened with too complex mechanics that would interfere with reading the story and the atmosphere.

Technically, the PlayStation 5 version benefits from console-related improvements such as Ray Tracing. But the small problems remain, without much appeal: some frame rate drops at certain times for example, weird sounds, or one or two crash bugs. Nothing in any way will spoil your experience.

Deliver Us The Moon offers a fun and highly successful narrative and immersive experience if you love sci-fi and space. Not long ago (5-6 hours), KeokeN Interactive’s title won its bet, and I can’t wait to play Deliver Us Mars, due September 27, 2022.

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