Nintendo Switch 2 coming soon?

Last updated July 11, 2023 by Guiyom

Casually, Nintendo has been offering us the Nintendo Switch for almost 7 years! Its successor, “Nintendo Switch 2” shouldn’t be around for long!

It’s been 4 years since seasoned “influencers” and “gaming YouTubers” have been predicting Nintendo Switch XL, Switch XL 4K, Switch XL Pro 4K to infinity and beyond! And yes for the 4 years that these video game gurus spent crap in order to get views but above all money, there was nothing tangible just to make money…

In short, by declaring rain, one day it will come.

I’m going to share my predictions for this next Nintendo Switch 2 (if it happens it won’t have that name)!

For me, Nintendo’s future console will be released in 2024, and it wouldn’t be surprising if video game developers already had development kits. Nintendo still sells a lot Nintendo Switch They have no interest in unveiling their new console now.

Nintendo must ensure that games purchased from the Nintendo Store of the Switch are compatible with their future consoles, in short on the online Playstation and XBox stores

It is possible (and there is a benefit) that this console will be backwards compatible with the entire catalog Nintendo Switch.

Regarding the technical power of Nintendo’s future console, we shouldn’t expect a miracle and a powerful machine. If Nintendo sticks to the portable/living room hybrid concept, it’ll get power equivalent to the PS4 Pro at best. It is hoped that Nintendo will integrate natively with its console, the latest technology that allows to gain significant gaming power such as DLSS from Nvidia or FSR from AMD. Fingers crossed for Nintendo’s future machine to include decent game storage, because 32GB isn’t a dream and was already unfortunate in 2017.

Let’s hope Nintendo’s next console integrates an Oled display natively, but for the sake of savings we’ll probably end up with an LCD :-/

my expectations

The next ‘Nintendo Switch 2’ or whatever it’s called will land in 2024. Inflation dictates that it will most likely retail for €400 minimum. It will be backwards compatible with Nintendo Switch (otherwise it would shoot you in the foot). And to its strength, the Playstation 4 Pro will be powered by the latest AMD and Nvidia technologies. It would be hard to do better or the autonomy would be disastrous (hello steam surface and Asus Rog Ally) and anyway Nintendo hasn’t relied on power since the Wii…

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