On the iPhone 14 Pro, Zoom has a unique feature

  • Zoom is updated and now supports Dynamic Island
  • The platform also has a dark mode for the calendar function
  • Despite everything, Zoom is still under fire for its security

Zoom has got a new version, number 5.14.5 which supports for the first time there Dynamic Island iPhone 14 Pros. This little island replaces the notch that’s been on top of high-end iPhones so far, and it comes alive with features chosen by third-party developers. You can also find a mobile recharge notification, alert when AirPods are paired there or the timer overlaid with other apps. iPhone 14 Pro Max Also equipped with this interface.

With this, Zoom shows that it has fixed rather annoying bugs, particularly those related to two-factor authentication and one that limited the quality of calls made using 4G. So it is highly recommended to install the update now, especially for users who have already planned videos with this network. To take advantage of the changes, the publisher specifies that it will be necessary for an iPhone or iPod touch to run at least iOS, or iPadOS 11 for tablets.

Other updates

The new Zoom update also welcomes Dark mode for the calendar function. Dark mode allows, in the evening, to rest the eyes of users, especially when combined with Night Shift. In spite of everything, this filter is not recommended to be used during the day, because it is difficult to detect characters on a black background.

Another improvement announced by Zoom is related to Incoming call notifications, which can now be hidden from users when they are already engaged in a conversation with the platform. All without disturbing his interlocutor, which can be very practical especially during discussions that require concentration, for example with investors or a client.

What are the alternatives?

Despite its high performance, Zoom is still considered today At risk of personal data users. Security vulnerabilities are already being spotted regularly, so that this app is a prime target for hackers.

On the iPhone, Apple introduces its own video app: face time. However, it does not yet have advanced enough features to be able to block Zoom. However, Google Meet or Slack are more complete, especially for traditional calls, as Livestorm specializes in webinars.

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