Our weekend tips to start the week off right!

Well at work

Your work weeks are busy at the moment, and you really need to arrive on Monday in good shape, both physically and morally, to make it through Friday evening. There are simple things to put in place on the weekend to start the week off right. Check out our six recommendations!

Weekend Recommendation 1 – Improve the quality of your sleep

To help you fall asleep and improve the quality of your sleep on weekends, turn off screens, especially those rich in “blue” light (smartphones, tablets, etc.), long before you go to bed, until the next day.

During the day, reduce your intake of stimulants (cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, etc.).

Natural light and sun when the weather is nice contribute to the proper functioning of your biological clock. Take advantage of the weekend to go for a walk! In addition, the vitamin D and melatonin you excrete in this way have a positive effect on your mood.

Tip 2 – Cultivate positive thinking

there positive thinking It is one of the keys to feeling better. In the face of difficult situations, it is about thinking optimistically, repeating positive thoughts to yourself.

Likewise, when you receive criticism, instead of ruminating on it all day, instead remember the times you were praised or thanked.

By acting in this way, you are positively modifying the perception of the situation, of others and of yourself. This method greatly reduces your stress level.

By starting to apply this technique on the weekend, in a less stressful environment, it will be easier to put it into practice during the week.

Tip 3 – Do some physical activity

It helps release endorphins during exercise rest. This will be more useful if it is an outdoor activity.

If you don’t like sports, remember that walking is indeed a physical activity. dance too.

Weekend recommendation 4 – Unplug!

Over the weekend, disconnect from work! So don’t check professional emails… leave your professional laptop locked too.

Also avoid thinking about work. To avoid thinking about it, the first thing to do is not to talk about it, except to quickly tell an acquaintance what you are doing. Above all, don’t think about your professional adventures during a family reunion or with friends.

The weekend should allow you to rest physically and mentally as well. Otherwise, you take a risk Burnt.

Weekend Recommendation 5 – Relax!

Take advantage of the weekend to have more time to relax. For this, choose an activity that you really enjoy.

So the most effective method will be different depending on the person: reading, drawing, gardening, singing, listening to music, funny stories, after a yoga session … This type of activity, chosen according to your tastes, will help you refocus on you.

Tip 6 – Spend time with the ones you love

Talking and laughing with the people you love is so good! An aperitif, a shared meal, a board game, or just chatting over coffee…the possibilities are endless.

Don’t isolate yourself all weekend. Having time for yourself is great. However, spending time talking to loved ones also contributes to well-being. Especially if they motivate people and inspire you.

Publication date: 06/09/2022

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