Party Central on Nintendo Switch!

I skipped this info but I’m so excited for the upcoming Samba de Amigo Party Central!

Samba de Amigo was the most popular WTF (What The Fuck) music rhythm video game on the Arcade machine but especially on the legendary Sega Dreamcast With Maracas as an accessory!!! I died laughing when I attended the Samba de Amigo sessions on the Sega Dreamcast! I deeply regret that I didn’t buy the famous maracas at that time ^^!

In short, to everyone’s surprise, Sega announced the arrival of the next episode of the musical rhythm video game, Samba by Amigo Party Central Exclusively on Nintendo Switch this summer! Obviously this time, I won’t be missing Amigo samba on my Switch! 40 songs planned, we can play up to 8 players, and there will also be an online mode ^^ I can’t wait to play it with my kids! I think we’ll have fun! 🙂

Here is the official press release:

amigo east to Go back and you will shake the four corners of the world! Revealed in preview during the last Nintendo Direct, he’s excited about it sega Announcing its arrival on Nintendo Switch™ to Samba to amigo: party centralnew album to Serial Samba to amigofollower this summer. with this game to The rhythm of the party is global!

go wild !

Samba to amigo: party central marks the return to The famous series to Rhythm action games! Light up the dance floor with your friends in 40 songs to Popular music genres like pop, latin music, and more. Bonus a a lot to mini games and to Challenges await you, as well as unique outfits and accessories to unlock, as well to New online features, incl a 8 players in global feast mode! to What do you want to wiggle!

Regarding to Samba to amigo: party central

  • Go on stage with help to your Joy-Con controllers in this exciting and colorful rhythm action game. Anyone can become a star!
  • Set fire to 40 tubes to Various species as well to New songs that will be available in a Upcoming DLC!
  • Put your skills to the test With many mini games and challenges.
  • Affirm your style By customizing your companion with unique outfits and accessories.
  • Making the feast Online in World Fiesta mode.
  • Put your talent forward Try to reach the first position in the online leaderboards.

Samba to amigo: party central Coming to Nintendo Switch this summer of 2023 in Europe and America

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