PlayStation Showcase 2023 review

after more than a year (Last event date from September 2021), the Japanese manufacturer is back with a new display.

Helldivers II

The first announcement relates to arrival Helldivers II From Arrowhead Studios. It’s the TPS that reminds a lot of Outriders anyway. The game is planned this year for PS5 and PC in particular.

Immortals from iPhone

Immortals from iPhone, by Ascendant Studios, is a fantasy FPS. The game is sealed with EA Originals and we will embody a man with superpowers in search of revenge. The game looks very fun. It will be available on July 20th.

Ghostrunner II

Fans of the first opus will be happy to know Ghostrunner II On the right track and will be released this year. The game is still being published by 505 Games while One More Level is taking care of the development.

Ghost Blade Zero

The first game at the conference that really wowed me: Ghost Blade Zero. He embodies a samurai who only has 66 days to live. The game is reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden with a Souls twist. He is very nervous and bloody. There is no information on the release date.

sea ​​sword

sea ​​sword is a poetic game from the creator of Abzü, Pathless and Journey. Giant Squid studio is responsible and the game should be released on PS5. The hero we play rides on a sword like a magic carpet. We also see some sequences where he uses it on a ramp like a skateboard. In short, it didn’t make me personally hot nor cold!

The second Talos principle

The second Talos principlethe sequel to the popular third-person puzzle game is coming back to PlayStation 5 this year. I haven’t played the first game and I’m not drawn to this title any more.

You will never do that

The venerable Creator ashen Come back with new production: You will never do that. She looks as good or even better than Gray even if we haven’t seen much except for a great trailer. The game is scheduled in 2024.

Mission Cat Pirates of Purribean

A new adventure for the famous cat will return in 2024 on PS4 and PS5: Mission Cat Pirates of Purribean. I loved the first two on my TODO.


Square Enix dip into splatoon sauce with Foomstars, a 4v4 multiplayer shooter. The game is planned for PS4 and PS5. The principle is to get as much foam as possible for your team. It is also useful to slide on them or adjust the terrain structure. To see but I personally say why not 🙂

The Blake Square

in The Blake SquareYou play a character from a book. In terms of gameplay, we move from a 2D level to a 3D world. The character has the peculiarity of being able to become an integral part of the scene. The graphics are beautiful and I like it very much.

tearing down

already available on PC, tearing down It arrives this year on PlayStation 5. The game is very much inspired by Minecraft in its design and gameplay but offers many other possibilities.

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater Δ (Remake)

So the rumor was true, a remake of Lime solid mineral Under development. But it comes I eat snakes. For the occasion called the delta remake. Note that a compilation titled Metal Gear Solid Master Collection vol. 1 will also be available (also as a physical version) on PS5 and will contain the following:

  • metal gear
  • Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
  • Metal Gear Solid (including VR and Special Missions)
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (HD Collection Edition)
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (HD Collection Edition)

Localization packages will be downloaded for each region separately.

Usurping towers

Usurping towers It is a whimsical open world where players can build an island in their own image. I wasn’t too excited but that’s because I don’t like this genre very much. It is scheduled for 2024.

Final Fantasy XVI

New trailer titled “Salvation” for Final Fantasy XVI. So yeah, I didn’t want to spoil myself but you can find the trailer below:

Alan Wake II

Creepy new trailer for Alan Wake II by Remedy Entertainment. The game will be available on October 17th. Note that no physical copy will be provided in advance (to ensure the best possible price… yes).

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

the new Doctrine killer He will turn the tip of his nose on October 12th. It’s very nice and Ubisoft promises to get back to basics, but I personally haven’t gotten attached to this license (perhaps wrongly).
It’s pretty but still not my camera this license.

Revenant Hill

We continue a new indie game: Revenant Hill. We are a cat and the game will be available on PS4 and PS5.

Grandblue Fantasy Relink

Finally some news from Grandblue Fantasy Relink Which will be available next winter on PS4 and PS5. Cell shaders work wonders and the game looks daunting.

Street Fighter 6

Capcom’s first game in the spotlight with Street Fighter 6. The main fighting game will be available on June 2nd.


Metroidvania Ultras, which is strongly reminiscent of Guacamelee, will be available next year. I find it very colorful, and I get the impression that we get a little lost in it.

fantasy tower

New simulator Rubilealink to the MMORPG fantasy tower.

Dragon’s Dogma II

Some were waiting for him Dragon’s Dogma II been detected. I haven’t played the first game but it’s fine for me.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Wanted 2

We move on to PS VR2 games with Five Nights at Freddy’s Wanted 2. This suite will be available later in 2023:

Resident Evil 4 VR2

We already knew that, but VR2 mode for RE4 It will be available very soon.

Arizona Sunshine II

Arizona Sunshine II From Vertigo Games it will be available in 2023. The game looks great.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad

Smilegate Entertainment announces Crossfire: Sierra Squada very nervous game for the PS VR2.


Synapsis It is already displayed in the play state. The game will be available on July 4th, and will still be available for the PS VR2.

Saber won

Beat Saber is now available for PS VR2. In addition, Queen songs package is also available.


Back to non-VR2 games. Bungie is reviving an old license: marathon. It’s nice to see them working on something other than Destiny 2 but Marathon doesn’t make me hot or cold.

Destiny 2

We continue to Bungie with Destiny 2: Ultimate Form. A chance to see the return of Cayde 6. This will be the finale of the light saga. It will be available on August 22nd.


The secret project of Firewalk, the studio that recently entered PlayStation Studio, is none other than Concorde. Honestly, we haven’t seen anything from the game planned for next year on PS5 and PC.

Gran Turismo movie

New trailer for the movie Gran Turismo To be reminded, it only hits theaters this August, which I personally am very excited about. The movie is based on a true story.

PlayStation 5 accessories

So the rumors of PlayStation 5 accessories were right: first and foremost, Q project, a portable device with an 8-inch screen that allows you to play PS5 games (excluding VR2) while streaming. afterwards In-ocular headphones With noise reduction revealed to work on both PC and PS5.

If we can imagine that the headphones will be available quickly, this is not the case with Project Q, which has no real name. I’m totally mixed with this streaming device, we can already do it remotely using the app, on iOs and an Android smartphone / tablet and with more convenience With the official workhorse console Unveiled yesterday.

Spider-Man 2

So the “other thing” is about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The game is scheduled to take place in the fall of 2023. We can switch between the character of Peter Parker and Jebby Miles Morales. Peter Parker is also infected with the symbiote Venom. The trailer for this game was nonstop crazy. We see that too Craven the hunter He will be one of the main antagonists of this sequel.

In short, it was the video not to be missed in this show.

To summarize

I found it to be Very average show. In the end, there were very few PlayStation Studios game presentations. The ending with Spider-Man 2 alone teases the rest of the convention. However, there were games that were very diverse and ultimately for all tastes. If everyone is there, then this is the main thing.

I wasn’t expecting much except for an announcement of Bloodborne or The Last of Us multiplayer. It will be much worse next time.

what do you think?

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