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Present on my wish list for a long time, I had the opportunity to beta test a version of The Invicible. If a game isn’t planned right away, this release should give a good overview of what the final game will be like. The demo was short, but adequate.

You play as Yasna, an astrobiologist who finds herself on a planet called REGIS III. She will have to investigate with the help of Novick, with whom she will be in radio contact, about the mysterious disappearance of the crew that preceded them.

Aesthetically, The Invincible draws on a very old visual trend. We literally find ourselves in a futuristic world where cars and gadgets look straight out of the fifties, and I have to say it has a small impact because it works, especially given the very good graphic design.

  • Proximity sensor without screen works with some kind of small flashlight.
  • Terrain scanner with its monochrome green screen that lets you see metal structures across the ground
  • a mechanical telescope that has no electronic aid;

Very quickly, this demo shows us the narrative dimension of the game. The only way to unravel the story is to physically move forward in the game. Thus, we witness an authentic environmental narrative combined with an explanation investigation linked to the discussion between Yasna and Novick. This system is ideal so as not to tire the person playing and gives them a sense of regular and smooth progression.

The higher you level up, the more you will find out about what happened. You will come across robots that help humans explore the surroundings, but they will be idle and deserted. By examining their memory, you will become aware of what really happened.

Without revealing too much so as not to spoil the surprise, everything we’ll learn about this demo seems to outline a philosophical scenario in which human curiosity seems to lead it into the abyss.

So it seems that Invincible is built on a passage progression, a journey ahead, a scenario that is revealed at a regular pace, a story full of twists. The game has everything from a fairly classic narrative action in its build, but its visual and literary layers allow you to think outside the box.

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