Protests and violence break out in a giant factory

At the largest iPhone manufacturing plant, the situation is escalating. Photos and videos show protests and clashes in Zhengzhou. Foxconn, Apple’s subcontractor, confirms that “violence” occurred.

Nothing goes well in Zhengzhou, in the largest iPhone factory in the world. Tensions have been building for several weeks and a new milestone has just been reached. Hundreds of employees of Foxconn, the famous subcontractor of Apple, Shown earlier this week. Photos and videos posted on social networks such as Twitter or Weibo testify to the situation. We can see a A crowd of workers are marching On a street, some encounter individuals in white full-body suits and riot police.

Another video shows dozens of employees shouting “Let’s defend our rights!” » In front of the police officers and a police car. Other photos and videos are making the rounds on the web, including one the author references “They charge!” » And “Tear gas canisters!” ».

Why do workers rebel?

Since October, it has become the largest iPhone manufacturer in the world Facing an increase in Covid-19 cases. Chinese politics prompted Foxconn, which owns this giant factory that employs 200,000 people, to do so containment mode. A situation that did not satisfy many workers who Try to escape From the factory, climb the fences. Others did not hesitate to walk tens of kilometers to escape these measures.

For its part, Foxconn has tried to reassure the authorities and employees. I suggested Rewards to keepSo that production continues and while the end of the year is an important period for its client, Apple. However, the situation does not seem to be improving Foxconn acknowledges workers’ complaints about wages and working conditions in the factory. there BBC Reports that employees are concerned about not paying the bonuses promised by the company.

“They changed the contract so we couldn’t get the reward as they promised. They isolate us but they don’t give us food.”, says a Foxconn employee. And to add: “If they don’t meet our needs, we will continue to fight.”. This same person adds the presence of a man “severely wounded” After being beaten by the police.

An employee confirms this “The protesting workers want to get relief and go home”.

“You are sending us to death.”

Other employees ensure that Zhengzhou factory It forces them to live with Covid-19. “I don’t know the exact reason why people are protesting, but they are confusing new workers with older workers who have tested positive [au Covid] »explains a new recruit. The media bloomberg He also discusses the case and reports several damning testimonies taken from videos posted online. “I’m really scared of this place, we could all have covid now”denotes an operator while declaring another: “You are sending us to death.”.

Foxconn defends itself To accommodate staff with Covid-19 positive employees. But the Taiwanese company confirms this “violence” in its Chinese factory. from his side, Apple did not speak On his new events that could tarnish his image.

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