Reasons to buy a city car: why not?

City cars never lose their buyer, the advantages of owning a car for city commuting have attracted them for decades, and despite the changes, they remain the preferred car class for many drivers.

Are you interested in a small car? To answer this question, it is best to first ask yourself some questions and make the best decision according to your needs, without being influenced by other people’s advice. Check out the advantages of a city car to get started, and then check it against your priorities.

Advantages of a small car

It is above all a matter of saving

You can imagine that the cost of a small car is less than that of a large car. This is generally true, although there are other details, but in general, with the same power and equipment, the city ​​car It will be cheaper. Do you have a budget of less than 15,000 euros? Many models are waiting for you.

Not only will a smaller car cost less when bought used or at a dealership, but the costs will always be lower: less fuel consumption, less money spent on parts, less time and money to wash it, lower insurance premiums, and so on.

The savings are undoubtedly greater with the city car and this is one of the reasons why many motorists choose this segment. Parking will not be a problem.

A major traffic problem in big cities is parking, but if you have a small car, your chances of finding a place to park it double.

If you are thinking of renting or purchasing a parking space, consider the size of your vehicle.

More environmentally friendly, fewer restrictions

A car’s size is related to its power and CO2 emissions. Urban cars, even if they are not electric, are more environmentally friendly than their big brothers. Because they are lighter, they are easier to transport and drive without requiring a lot of energy, which means they have lower emissions.

Large city centers, where restrictions are now commonplace in both France and the rest of Europe, are filled with electric or hybrid cars that, either parked or in circulation, take up less space, pollute less and are ideal today. city ​​traffic.

Design, colors and fun

Style is directly related to urban cars, especially if you like bold and contemporary designs. The colors and patterns of upholstery and bodywork are becoming increasingly innovative in city cars.

The small car segment is always associated with the young driver who travels alone or with a couple, but who does not need much extra space. Regardless of age, it is also understandable that small cars attract innovative people who love exotic designs and experimental lines. If all this appeals to you, then the city car model is likely to meet your expectations in terms of design and exterior.

If you want an electric car…

Whether you’re considering buying a hybrid or a purely electric vehicle, the subcompact segment is likely right up your alley. Although the choice is expanding, electric city cars are the most widespread and popular model.

One of the most skeptical drivers who are interested in these cars is the autonomy of an electric car. It is precisely in the case of small cars that you will find the best brands in terms of autonomy. If you want to use the car exclusively in the city, one of these mini cars is best.

The smallest cars on the market

red city car

If the features of a small car fit your needs and tastes, you’ll be happy to know that we also have the widest selection of brands, prices, and styles…in the industry, so finding the perfect vehicle is easy.

Classics such as the Volkswagen Polo are still the top choice for many drivers looking for reliable, yet smart city cars, the Twingo, the Micra or even the Volkswagen Golf and above! She is also a reference in the sector… She is only 4m in length and offers an interesting variety of finishes, engines and equipment.

The list of city cars is the same for all brands and all manufacturers that you can imagine or know, because in all franchises you will find one or more models of city cars that you can choose from.

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