Red power test in Ferrari Land!

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During my stay in Port Aventura I was able to test Red Force at Ferrari Land! Guaranteed strong feeling!

You know me so well, I wasn’t planning on leaving Port Aventura Without taking the Red Force test in Ferrari Land : s. Visible from very far, this attraction is so impressive, I’m not ready to forget this amazing experience!

Red Force is a roller coaster (roller coaster) that takes us from 0 to 180 km / h in 5 seconds, for a height of 112 meters! If you want to compare, Aerosmith at Disneyland Paris was 110 km/h! Obviously I wasn’t calm but the urge was just too strong for me to miss out on this exciting attraction!

Red Force Test at Ferrari Land

Obviously, lucky me, when I queued up, the Red Force attraction got stuck! My friend got lost after 30/40 minutes and advised me to join the queue for solo visitors. Obviously, that was good advice! So I found myself right in front, once the gravity was fixed! The Red Force attraction is very pretty, the roller coaster makes a nice tribute to the Ferrari brand, and I was clearly in the racing mood! There is even an amphitheater for spectators! The decor is fine, but I was eager to take part in this attraction. A reassuring thing, before leaving, I was firmly attached to the ship’s train. Once it’s properly attached to the seat, you can’t move at all! I didn’t understand right away, but I had to wear leather goggles (like aviators at the time) for my eyes.

Red Earth Ferrari power test

At first I got exciting acceleration! Going from 0 to 180 km / h in a few seconds is just crazy! I understand better why I had these glasses! The wind was blowing so hard, I even got scared for a few seconds to my ears seeing the strength of the wind blowing. As soon as our trolley was placed at an altitude of 112 meters, it began a perfectly vertical descent! It was really cool!

Once the attraction was over, it took me a few minutes to recover from my feelings :p. The Red Force experience was certainly short but above all intense in terms of sensations!

My verdict!

Red Force Gravity is a very powerful suspense game! Make sure you have no health concerns before taking on this amazing rollercoaster! I have never felt such a sense of speed in my entire life, I enjoyed the Red Force attraction in Ferrari Land! If you love thrills, this ship is for you!!!

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