Say stop being tired!

Endless yawning, sleepiness, fatigue, low energy… There are many terms used to describe feeling overwhelmed. The latter can be highlighted with the arrival of spring. A true alarm signal for your body, fatigue should be thought about carefully whether it is temporary or persistent.

What are the different causes of fatigue? What is the correct solution for each case? ?

There are 4 main causes of burnout :

  • Exhaustion due to a period of stress or exhaustion: Transient mental or nervous fatigue that results in difficulties in focusing, paying attention, or memorizing
  • Fatigue caused by intense physical activity: Temporary physical fatigue that manifests as a decrease in energy
  • Fatigue caused by an unbalanced or restricted diet: Constant intellectual and physical fatigue that results in a weakening of natural defenses, lack of enthusiasm, and low energy.
  • Fatigue due to lack of sleep: Temporary, intellectual and physical exhaustion manifested in a lack of enthusiasm and motivation on a daily basis

Solutions to gain energy and shape on a daily basis:

  • In times of stress, exhaustion or intense physical activity

Ginseng, an adaptogenic plant which contributes to Physical and mental well-beingHelps maintain it Good cognitive performance Especially in times of trouble.

Super fruits like Pomegranate, raspberry, sea buckthorn It allows an antioxidant action on the body for a physical and intellectual boost.

  • To stay in good shape and help fill nutritional deficiencies

The evolution of eating habits And depletion of vitamins and minerals in crops during In the past decades, more than one in two French people have generated insufficient intakes. There are risks of deficiencies All categories of micronutrients And anxiety All age groups.

fill in b essential micronutrients. More specifically with vitamins a, e, c, group b, minerals (calcium and magnesium) f trace elements (zinc, manganese, iodine, copper and selenium). Often in the form of a multivitamin supplement.

a A healthy, organic and balanced diet It also allows for daily energy gains.

  • Vitamin C to start the day off right

acerola Especially recommended for Boost your energy. Up to) 30 times richer in natural vitamin C than oranges.

Squeezed orange, lemon or grapefruit juice In the morning it is also allowed to take vitamin C as soon as you wake up.

sleep It will play a key role in recovery during phases of fatigue or overtraining. spot from Fall asleep at regular times and sleep in Minimum 8 hours a night. Getting a good sleep is the key to starting your day right and full of energy.

It is important to listen to your body, not to push it beyond these limits for too long, and above all to respect adequate recovery phases with energy and food intake throughout the day to avoid knocks.

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