Self Employment: Which Occupational Insurance Should You Choose?

Unlike employees, freelancers are solely responsible for their work…and for their potential mistakes! This is where a Occupational insurance for the self-employed Particularly useful. It covers you in various (often not very pleasant, let’s face it) situations, while being a way of reassuring your customers.

Here’s everything you need to know about the protection offered by occupational insurance for the self-employed in just a few steps!

The best insurance for the self-employed

StellaBespoke, independent insurance a partner

Stella, Insurance Professional

StellaIt is the insurance that will accompany you throughout your working life. It provides several basic insurances for the self-employed and allows you to configure an eclectic offer, according to your current needs:

  • Professional liability
  • legal protection
  • Securing computers
  • Insurance of buildings and offices
  • insight

Complete your insurance as you invest and expand or, conversely, leave out options that are no longer beneficial to you.

And thanks to the partnership established with, take advantage of1 month free on your insurance contract with code FREELAND_1MOIS !

Wemind, the advantages of large groups within the reach of freelancers

Wemind, independent insurance

With its pastel and refined facade, Wemind Enhances peace of mind by combining RC Pro, Mutuelle and Prévoyance.

Orus, human insurance for the self-employed and freelancers

Urus It relies on simple and transparent professional insurance to provide the best support to entrepreneurs in the event of a hard hit.

Professional offers from traditional insurance companies

AXA, MAAF, MAIF… Most traditional insurance companies offer offers for professionals adapted to the self-employed.

Often more expensive than new insurance, traditional insurance companies may be able to offer you an attractive professional insurance contract if you are a historical customer.

What is occupational insurance for the self-employed?

I’emphasis Professional liability Serves as a lifeline in the event of unexpected events, errors, accidents or accidents. Whether you’re a computer consultant, doctor, web editor, or builder, this coverage is essential.

Covers damages and financial losses related to the following:

  • in your material or the client;
  • for one severe data loss ;
  • in dysfunction one of your products or services;
  • to physical accident.

Conversely, occupational insurance for the self-employed does not cover:

  • breach of contract, reduction or cancellation of the contract;
  • the consequences of misleading advertising or unfair competition;
  • Voluntary and expected delays in providing the service.

Is independent occupational insurance compulsory?

The answer is simple: no.

not Not required To get professional liability insurance or any other professional insurance, but it is Highly recommended.

You know the famous adage “It doesn’t just happen to other people”? It is valid for your independent activity. Even if you think you are doing a risk-free activity, There is never any risk. We will also see examples where this protection proves to be a life saver in the next part of this article.

There are many compulsory insurances when you have a business, such as those related to your property (for your car, premises or equipment). Some liberal professions must obtain professional liability insurance.

This is the case for professions in the medical world, for example. For these specific activities, there are specialized protection bodies, which know the risks of medical jobs. Generally, these insurance companies also provide legal aid.

If you work from home, Pay attention to the terms of your home insurance. It may not cover your freelance activity. If your home or apartment is damaged due to a professional assignment, the insurance company may refuse to compensate you. Remember to inquire. Some home insurance offers an additional option to cover your home office.

When is Occupational Indemnity Insurance Beneficial?

It is impossible to list all the scenarios that professional self-employed insurance can save you every day!

However, here are some concrete examples where such protection would be welcome:

As part of an advisory mission

An independent consultant, whatever his field, is called upon to provide advice and a road map to his client.

If the latter applies the consultant’s strategy and it does not work as expected, he can turn against the freelancer with the claim that his part of the contract was not fulfilled, or, worse, that he harmed his business.

As part of the mission “On Earth”

A freelancer in the construction world may be required to hire labor to assist him on the construction site. Let’s imagine an employee is injured… It’s the occupational insurance that will cover the medical costs and any ITT.

Likewise, if the freelancer or one of his service providers commits damage during the construction site, it is this protection that will allow the client to be compensated.

In the event of an accident by the freelancer

You are a freelance photographer or videographer. During an event, a guest trips through the cables of your electronic devices and hurts themselves. You will be responsible, but it is up to your professional insurance Covering medical expenses.

We can also take the example of a client who was injured during a training session given by a sports instructor or yoga teacher. Again, it is your protection that will take care of Compensation and medical and/or legal costs.

Professional civil liability protects you from accidents.

In the event of an unintentional error by the freelancer

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. Even experienced freelancers! He is human.

We can give an example that the webmaster forgot to correct all the Security failed from a web site before it is delivered to the customer. If the latter suffers from Internet attackhe can hold the independent person responsible.

Why take independent professional insurance?

Apart from the protection covered by the professional It insures you in the event of a dispute, damage or injurySubscribing to such a contract is beneficial for:

Reassure customers

Some companies are now asking you Professional insurance in a good position before signing with you. It’s a way to protect yourself in case you make a mistake or get hurt.

Get legal advice

Some insurance companies offer legal assistance or protection. Thus you can have your service contracts reviewed or approved by legal professionals before signing.

Facilitate your loans

If you need to invest in equipment or buildings for your business, your bank may ask you Proof of professional insurance.

Avoid chargebacks

Thanks to the legal protections built into some contracts, you can take advantage of valuable advice and resources for Collect your payments.

Cyber ​​risk prevention

Whatever your activity, you necessarily work with IT tools, which exposes you to this Malicious attacks. You may lose data or have to hire a professional to recover all your resources.

Professional coverage can protect you from damages related to such attacks.

How do you choose your professional insurance as a freelancer?

Do you want to get professional insurance for freelancers, but don’t know how to choose? It is true that the offer is very large and every organization has many levels of assurance.

To help you choose the type that will be adapted to your activity and needs, here are 5 criteria to consider:

1. Your risk

One of the first things to do is look at the Specific risks inherent in your business. Will you have to cover physical, human, electronic, administrative and legal risks…

Of course, this will depend on your own job and the The places where you do it. If you mainly stay at home and don’t hire service providers/employees, your coverage risk will be lower than a freelancer who often goes to a client and uses large equipment.

2. The size and type of clients

Another thing to consider: Profile and number of your customers. The more clients you have, the higher the risk you take.

Also, if you work with large corporations, construction companies, or organizations that work in sensitive areas (such as medical or security services), you will need enhanced protection.

Indeed, this type of client often has strict contractual obligations. Not to mention, they can provide you with expensive equipment and resources. In the event of a problem or complaint, the cost can be high for your small structure. It better be well protected.

3. The level of coverage

After careful analysis of your needs, make sure that the chosen independent professional insurance offers different levels of coverage. The goal is to find the equation with the best protection/price ratio.

There is no need to sign up for an offer that has high financial guarantees if you are just working with your computer, in your living room. And on the contrary! Prefer enhanced protection if you regularly travel to construction sites.

4. Exceptions

As with any contract, you have to read the little lines… what they are Exclusion criteria ? It would be a shame to find out that your tasks and the risks specific to your activity are not covered by your professional insurance…

So remember to look at the conditions that must be met in order to receive compensation, as well as the cases in which you will not be compensated.

5. The believer’s experience

Another element to consider when choosing your own professional indemnity insurance is the expertise of the insurer. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How long has it been on the market?
  • Does it cover the freelancers or other businesses in your field?
  • What is her reputation for compensation?
  • Does he specialize in certain professions, especially in your profession?

The more experienced and specialized the insurance company is, the more they will be able to help you choose a formula that will adapt to your needs.

How much does independent professional insurance cost?

Obviously, the price of your professional coverage will depend on the level of protection required, but also on the risks involved in your activity. Some insurance companies also factor in company size and declared turnover in calculating your contribution.

When you do a very low-risk activity, with little travel and clients with an insensitive profile, calculate around 20 euros per month. But if you need extra protection, formulas can be used up to 50 euros / month.

Do not hesitate to Make quotes online and use comparisons to choose the formula with the best quality/price ratio.

With Stello, take advantage of the RC Pro insurance at 17.50 € per month + 1 month free using the code FREELAND_1 month !


As you can see, occupational insurance rates for the self-employed are very beneficial. The interest-to-price ratio is very much in your favor. So it would be a shame to miss out on good protection for economic reasons!

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