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Known for its project management solution, also has a CRM component. This CRM has the recognized qualities of a very well-designed interface, real ease of use, and many templates and integrations to save you time. Solution overview.

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A complete solution to monitor the entire sales cycle

Monday CRM sales It is a complete CRM that includes all the basic functions of this type of tool, but offers real ease of handling. All you need is a few clicks to access and start managing your customers, prospects and contracts on the platform and keep track of all your sales opportunities in real time.

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The solution allows you to follow the entire sales cycle: from pre-sale to post-sale on the same platform. Obviously, CRM for Sales Monday allows you to integrate all your prospects from any source, automatically qualifying them according to your own criteria. You can merge them manually with a few clicks, from an Excel or Google Sheets file, or via merge operations. CRM for Sales Monday also allows you to merge duplicates, which is perfect for starting with a clean base.

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Centralize and manage the relationship with your customers

Once your leads and customers are integrated into the tool, you can easily perform all the necessary actions. Sending emails, for example, is done right from the one-click interface. Many models are also available in order to waste as little time as possible. The notification lets you know when your email has been read. Ditto for making appointments: everything is done from the interface, without having to go through a third-party app. You can sync your Gmail or Outlook accounts to send your emails from

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You can also manage your contracts and your sales pipeline. All you have to do is ‘drag and drop’ your contracts, and with a few clicks you get an up-to-date pipe, keeping track of your interactions. The tool also makes it easier to keep track of your customers: all business actions are centralized in the same place.

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An overview of your sales

Obviously, the solution also allows you to keep track of all your sales in real time, via different dashboards. Monitoring schedules are customizable, adapting to your KPIs. Again, the data is visual, and the tools are a lot of fun to use, unlike many CRMs, which are often more austere.

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Thanks to these monitoring tools, you know at any time where your contracts and the numbers of your teams or each team member are. A well-designed sales pipeline allows you to easily update your sales forecast. You can choose the value of the contract and the probability of signing it. You also have a clear view of what is less successful, and what actions need to be taken to open contracts.

You also have an overview of all your team ‘activities’. You have easy access to all important data related to performance and daily tasks: number of calls, meetings, appointments… Everything is done to help you measure performance and keep track of team goals.

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Easily manage quotes and invoices

To meet all user needs, Monday CRM allows you to manage quotes and invoices. The goal again is to centralize everything, and to offer as well-designed and automable features as possible, in order to save you time.

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Creation takes place in a few clicks, thanks to the information already filled in about your lead or contract. Once you’ve created your document, you can share it via a simple link, or download it and send it as an attachment. Perfect for speeding up the signing of your documents. The CRM for Sales Monday also provides you with several quote or order templates to save time.

Customizable CRM to adapt to all your needs

As always with Mondays, it’s very pleasant to use, and the user experience is very elegant. Many dashboards allow you to access all the information you need. CRM for sales also integrates the two many automations. Obviously, the goal is to get you to spend less time managing non-value-adding tasks, and more time selling.

We also greatly appreciate the ease of use and handling. It is very easy to get started with the platform and start your projects. And as always with Mondays, it’s possible to customize everything.

Another big advantage of CRM for Sales Monday: It provides many tools to monitor your actions and measure your success. Everything is done to help you incorporate the right KPIs and monitor your goals in real time. With just a few clicks, you can create a custom dashboard without a developer or agency.

In short, you have access to a complete, powerful, well-designed, and easy-to-use CRM. To get an idea of ​​the quality of the tool, a 15-day free trial is available. To access it, just go to the link below.

Try both CRMs for free

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