Smoother and more beautiful animations for Pixel Launcher

A new set of features for Android 13 is about to be rolled out. Among them is an update to the Pixel Launcher. One of the changes concerns the keyboard animation in the app drawer, which will now be much smoother. This change should have a positive impact on the user experience for those who use this feature regularly.

Android 13: Smoother and more fun Pixel Launcher animations

Significant improvements to the keyboard in the app drawer with Pixel Launcher

Pixel experience or pixel launcher It is considered one of the most popular Android skins on the market. This is partly because it is made by Google, the company that also makes Android, and it is available on Pixel smartphones. According to information from XDA Developersthe latest beta version of Android 13, QPR3, brings great improvements. It’s specifically about displaying the keyboard in the app drawer for users of these models.

Improved smoothness of animations on Pixel smartphones

A tip from XDA Developers discovered an interesting novelty. Opening the app drawer is now smoother. This improvement is evident when the option is “Always show the keyboardIt is enabled. In fact, this allows you to start searching for a specific application as soon as you open the tray. This avoids having to wait for the keyboard to appear. Both items appear simultaneously on the screen.

Prior to this update, the keyboard only appeared after opening the tray. This added an extra animation that can be annoying when the user wants to move quickly. Also, this new feature was spotted on the second Android 14 developer preview. This indicates that Google Very committed to this feature, so this app drawer opening improvement is expected to be officially rolled out in the next update Drop pixel feature. This happens every three months. You will then have to wait for a file Junethe next to take advantage of it. Besides, the update should also include file access Pixel 7 a. More and more details are starting to come to us on this subject.

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